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Courses that Satisfy the Queens College Language Requirement

The classes listed here have been officially approved as satisfying the Queens College Language requirement. Note that classes will be added over time. In the meantime, and in particular, you may appeal to have an advanced language class (numbered 300 or higher) used to satisfy the Language requirement. For details, please speak to the relevant department or visit the Office of the Dean of the Arts and Humanities in Queens Hall, room 205L.

Last updated August 8, 2013.

Course Course Title (with variants).
ARAB 101 Elementary Arabic I.
ARAB 102 Elementary Arabic II.
ARAB 203 Intermediate Arabic I.
ARAB 204 Intermediate Arabic II.
ARAM 205 Aramaic for Readers of Hebrew.
CHIN 101 Elementary Chinese I.
CHIN 102 Elementary Chinese II.
CHIN 201 Intensive Chinese Reading and Writing.
CHIN 203 Intermediate Chinese I.
CHIN 204 Intermediate Chinese II.
CHIN 210 Business Chinese I.
CHIN 211 Business Chinese II.
Note: Course not active in CUNYfirst.
CHIN 250 Introduction to Classical Chinese I.
CHIN 251 Introduction to Classical Chinese II.
FREN 111 Beginning French I.
Elementary French I.
FREN 112 Beginning French II.
Elementary French II.
FREN 203 Intermediate French I.
FREN 204 French Composition and Grammar I.
FREN 205 Introduction to Literary Analysis.
FREN 223 Advanced Conversation and Phonetics.
FREN 224 Advanced French Grammar.
FREN 225 French Composition and Grammar II.
FREN 231 Skills and Art of Translation.
FREN 235 Business French.
FREN 370 Topics in Francophone Literature.
GERM 109 Intensive German I-II.
GERM 110 Intensive German III-IV.
GERM 111 Elementary German I.
GERM 112 Elementary German II.
GERM 203 Intermediate German I.
GERM 204 Intermediate German II.
GERM 223 Conversation Level I.
Conversation, Level I.
GERM 224 Advanced Grammar and Stylistics, Level II.
GERM 228 Advanced Conversation and Composition, Level II.
Advanced Conversation and Composition Level II.
GERM 235 German for Business and Industry.
GERM 236 German Media of Today.
GREEK 251 Elementary Ancient Greek I.
GREEK 252 Elementary Ancient Greek II.
GRKMD 111 Elementary Modern Greek I.
GRKMD 112 Elementary Modern Greek II.
GRKMD 203 Intermediate Modern Greek I.
GRKMD 204 Intermediate Modern Greek II.
GRKMD 223 Modern Greek Conversation.
GRKMD 228 Advanced Grammar and Composition.
GRKMD 231 Modern Greek Translation.
HEBRW 101 Elementary Hebrew I.
HEBRW 102 Elementary Hebrew II.
HEBRW 203 Intermediate Hebrew I.
HEBRW 204 Intermediate Hebrew II.
ITAL 111 Elementary Italian I.
ITAL 112 Elementary Italian II.
ITAL 203 Intermediate Italian I.
ITAL 204 Intermediate Italian II.
ITAL 223 Advanced Conversation.
ITAL 224 Advanced Grammar.
ITAL 228 Advanced Composition (Dissertation and Explication of Texts).
ITAL 231 Skills and Art of Translation I.
ITAL 232 Skills and Art of Translation II.
ITAL 235 Commercial and Technical Italian.
JPNS 101 Elementary Japanese I.
JPNS 102 Elementary Japanese II.
JPNS 203 Intermediate Japanese I.
JPNS 204 Intermediate Japanese II.
JPNS 211 Classical Japanese I.
JPNS 212 Classical Japanese II.
KOR 101 Elementary Korean I.
KOR 102 Elementary Korean II.
KOR 203 Intermediate Korean I.
KOR 204 Intermediate Korean II.
LATIN 101 Elementary Latin.
LATIN 102 Intermediate Latin.
LATIN 203 Roman Prose.
LATIN 204 Roman Poetry.
LCD 101 Introduction to Language.
LCD 102 Analyzing Language.
PORT 111 Elementary Portuguese I.
PORT 112 Elementary Portuguese II.
PORT 203 Intermediate Portuguese I.
PORT 204 Intermediate Portuguese II.
RUSS 111 Elementary Russian I.
RUSS 112 Elementary Russian II.
RUSS 203 Intermediate Russian I.
RUSS 204 Intermediate Russian II.
RUSS 214 Intermediate Russian Conversation.
Note: Course not active in CUNYfirst.
RUSS 215 Advanced Intermediate Russian I.
RUSS 225 Advanced Intermediate Russian II.
SPAN 111 Elementary Spanish I.
SPAN 112 Elementary Spanish II.
SPAN 114 Spanish for Heritage Speakers I.
SPAN 115 Spanish for Heritage Speakers II.
SPAN 201 Spanish for Heritage Speakers IIi.
SPAN 203 Intermediate Spanish I.
SPAN 204 Intermediate Spanish II.
SPAN 215 Spanish Conversation.
SPAN 221 Language Workshop for Spanish Heritage Students.
SPAN 222 Language Workshop for Non-Native Spanish Heritage Students.
Language Workshop for Non-Spanish Heritage Students.
SPAN 224 Grammar.
SPAN 225 Composition.
YIDD 101 Elementary Yiddish I.
YIDD 102 Elementary Yiddish II.
YIDD 203 Intermediate Yiddish I.
YIDD 204 Intermediate Yiddish II.
YIDD 210 Intermediate Conversational Yiddish.
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