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Course Descriptions

Current course descriptions and degree requirements are available in the college bulletin. Course required for the major and minor and the suggested 4-year sequence are available under Degrees and Programs.

Course Syllabus - Click on the course number

Fall 2017
Chem 163 Chem in Mod Soc (Levanthal)
Chem 101.1 Basic Chemistry Lab
Chem 102.3 Basic Organic Chemistry
Chem 102.1 Basic Organic Chemistry Lab
Chem 103.3 Basic Biochemistry
Chem 103.1 Basic Biochemistry Lab
Chem 113.1 Gen Chem 1 Lab
Chem 211 Thermodynamics
Chem 251.1 Org Chem 1 Lab
Chem 331.3 Advanced Inorg
Chem 331.1 Physical Inorg Lab
Chem 341.4 Instrumental Methods
Chem 341.1 Instrumental Methods Lab
Chem 381 Advanced Seminar (Hersh)
Summer 2017
Chem102 Basic Organic Chemistry
Chem113 General Chemistry 1
Chem114 General Chemistry 2
Chem371-Biochemistry [10 weeks, June 6 - August 2017]
Chem650-Biochemistry​  [10 weeks, June 6 - August 2017
Chem 163 (Levanthal)
Chem 161 (Levanthal)
Chem 101.3 Basic Chemistry (Binyaminov)
Chem 101.3 Basic Chemistry (Sangiorgi)
Chem 103.3 Basic Biochemistry (Land)
Chem 103.1 Basic Biochem Lab
Chem 113.4 Gen Chem 1 (Altman)
Chem 113.4  Gen Chem 1 Hybrid (D'costa)
Chem 113.1 Gen Chem 1 Lab
Chem 114.4 Gen Chem 2 (Gafney)
Chem 114.4 Gen Chem 2 (Mirkin)
Chem 114.1 Gen Chem 2 Lab
Chem 291 Intro to Research in Chem & Biochem
Chem 321.3 Practicum in Chem Ed (Subramaniam)
Chem 371 Biochem 1 (kumar)
Chem 381 Seminar
Chem 385 Solar Energy Conversion (Gafney)
Chem 391 Research
Chem 395 Senior thesis
Chem 650 Biochem (Kumar)
Chem 715 Solar Energy Conversion (Gafney)
Bioch 770 Physical Biochem (Samuni)
Chem 781 Advanced Seminarhem 781 Advanced Seminar
Chem 790.1 Instrumental Methods (liu)

 Office Information

Chair: Prof. Wilma Saffran
Dept. Office: Remsen 206
Phone: 718-997-4100, 4482 or 4191

General inquiries:
Ms. Linda Didomenick

PhD program in chemistry:
​Undergraduate Program Advisors:
Profs. Sheila Sanders, Wilma Saffran, Gopal Subramaniam
Masters Program Advisors:
Profs. Wilma Saffran & Uri Samuni
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