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Course Descriptions

Current course descriptions and degree requirements are available in the college bulletin. Course required for the major and minor and the suggested 4-year sequence are available under Degrees and Programs.

Course Syllabus - Click on the course number

Summer 2016
New for Summer: Biochemistry 1
Chem371-Biochemistry [10 weeks 6/6 to 8/15]
 [10 weeks 6/6 to 8/15] 
Chem101.1 (Engel - course coordinator)
Chem 101.3 
Chem 113.1 (Strekas - Course coordinator)
Chem114.4 (Mirkin)

FALL 2015

chem016.3 (Subramaniam)

Chem016.1 (Jagassar)

chem101.1 (Jagassar)

chem101.3 (Olga Binyaminov)

chem101.3 (Abeyweera)

chem102.1 (Ocando)

chem102.3 (Ocando)

chem103.1 (Olga Binyaminov)

chem103.3 (Saffran)

chem113.1 (dcosta)

Chem113.4 (hybrid course)​

chem113.4 (Gloster)

chem113.4 (Strekas)

chem114.1 (JayHo)

Chem114.4 (Altman)

chem251.1 (Mukhlall)

chem251.4 (Mukhlall)

chem252.1 (Gloster)

chem252.4 (Chen)

chem321 (Subramaniam)

chem331 (Gafney)

chem341.1 (Look)

chem341.3 (Liu)

chem351 (Hersh)

chem371 (Kumar)

Chem 376 (Nasef)


chem650 (Kumar)

chem710 (Gafney)

chem750 (Hersh)

Chem790.1 lab (Look)





 Office Information

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Dept. Office: Remsen 206
Phone: 718-997-4100, 4482 or 4191

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Ms. Linda Didomenick

PhD program in chemistry:
Undergraduate Program Advisors:
Profs. Yu Chen, Wilma Saffran, Gopal Subramaniam
Masters Program Advisors:
Profs. Wilma Saffran & Uri Samuni
Chemistry Stockroom: LINK
Workshop for advanced chem students: Spring2016 schedule
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