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Faculty and Staff


 Organic Chemistry Faculty

Prof. Yu Chen's homepage
Yu Chen
Organic Chemistry
Remsen, Room 206F
Phone: 718-997-4132
Personal Home Page

Dr. Chen’s research interest includes the topics of late-transition-metal catalysis, asymmetric synthesis and catalysis, and heterocyclic chemistry. The late-transition-metal catalysis topic plays a significant role in Chen research group. His group is particularly interested in group 9 to 11 transition metals, especially Rh, Pd, Pt and Au. Developing new efficient chemical transformations using these late-transition-metal catalysts is currently one of the group’s major objectives. The late-transition-metal catalyzed asymmetric synthesis is another important research topic in Chen group. The group focuses on designing and preparing new ligands with axial chirality or facial chirality for efficient and highly stereoselective chemical reactions catalyzed by late-transition-metals. The synthetic methodologies developed in Chen group will be employed as the key steps in the synthesis of biologically interesting and pharmaceutically important molecules.

Junyong Choi
Chemical Biology
Science Bldg, Room B304
Phone: 718-997-3279

My research areas: Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, Computer-aided Drug Design, Chemical Biology.Webpage will be available soon.Graduate and undergraduate students interested in any of the above research areas and like to join my group can email me.

Robert Engel
Organic Chemistry
Remsen, Room 206F
Phone: 718-997-4106
Personal Home Page

In addition to our continuing interest in organophosphorus chemistry (syntheses and mechanisms), for several years a major effort of our laboratory has been concerned with the design and syntheses of polycationic organic salts of several topological types including: dendrimers, strings, combs and rings. Most recently, we have been concerned with the conversion of such salts into ionic liquids, and their attachment to surfaces to generate antimicrobial surfaces. Several general topological categories of polycations are under investigation.

William H. Hersh
Organic/Organometallic; uses of novel phosphorus chemistry in organometallic catalysis, antisense oligonucleotide synthesis, and enantioselective catalysis.
Remsen, Room 109B
Phone: 718-997-4144
Personal Home Page

Sanjai Kumar
Chemical Biology, Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry
Remsen, Room 117C
Phone: 718-997-4120
Personal Home Page

Design, synthesis and evaluation of tight-binding inhibitors of clinically important enzyme targets using a combination of rational and combinatorial approaches, enzyme kinetics and molecular modeling.

 Office Information

Chair: Prof. Wilma Saffran
Dept. Office: Remsen 206
Phone: 718-997-4100, 4482 or 4191

General inquiries:
Ms. Kelly Barth

PhD program in chemistry:
​Undergraduate Program Advisors:
Profs. Sheila Sanders, Wilma Saffran, Gopal Subramaniam
Masters Program Advisors:
Profs. Wilma Saffran & Uri Samuni
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