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Faculty and Staff




Wallace Goldberg
Differential Operators
Kiely, Room 237
Phone: 718-997-5800




Martin Braun
Differential Equations
Honors Building, Room Rm. 5
Phone: 718-997-5567

Adele Broges

Delaney, Room 106
Phone: 718-997-5854

Dianna Chen

Delaney, Room 103
Phone: 718-997-5822

Anisha Clarke

Delaney, Room 104
Phone: 718-997-3115

Jozef Dodziuk
Analysis, Geometry, and Topology
Kissena, Room 349
Phone: 718-997-5850
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Eugene Don

Kissena, Room 324
Phone: 718-997-5810

Carole Eisen

Kissena, Room 326
Phone: 718-997-5827

William Emerson
Number Theory, Combinatorics
Kissena, Room 347
Phone: 718-997-5836

Sharon Erlbaum

Kissena, Room 327
Phone: --

Christopher Hanusa
Kissena, Room 355
Phone: 718-997-5964
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Yunping Jiang
Dynamical Systems, Complex Analysis
Kissena, Room 357
Phone: 718-997-5848
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Steven Kahan

Kiely, Room 237
Phone: 718-997-5800

Krzysztof Klosin
Algebraic Number Theory
Kissena, Room 343
Phone: 718-997-5833
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Blendi Koroveshi

Kissena, Room 233
Phone: 718-997-5837

Kenneth Kramer
Number Theory
Kissena, Room 351
Phone: 718-997-5838

Dan Lee
Riemannian Geometry
Kissena, Room 346
Phone: 718-997-5238
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Fei Liu
Bayesian analysis
Kissena, Room 325
Phone: 718-997-5830

Michael Maller
Dynamical Systems
Kissena, Room 335
Phone: 718-997-5851

Nick Metas
Kiely, Room 237
Phone: 718-997-5800

Russell Miller
Computability Theory
Kissena, Room 344
Phone: 718-997-5853
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Sudeb Mitra
Complex Analysis
Kissena, Room 354
Phone: 718-997-5809
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Alexey Ovchinnikov
Constructive Differential Algebra, Computer Algebra
Kissena, Room 209
Phone: 718-997-5755
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Stefan Ralescu
Probability and Statistics
Kissena, Room 207
Phone: 718-997-5820

Ronald Rothenberg
Probability and Statistics
Kissena, Room 235
Phone: 718-997-5807

Maria Sabitova
Number Theory
Kissena, Room 333
Phone: --
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Dragomir Saric
Teichmuller Theory
Kissena, Room 341
Phone: 718-997-5824
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Fern Sisser
Linear and Nonlinear Programming
Kissena, Room 345
Phone: 718-997-5840

Henya Spitz

Kissena, Room 323
Phone: 718-997-5835

Alan Sultan
Applied Math
Kissena, Room 329
Phone: 718-997-5845

John Terilla
Deformation Theory
Kissena, Room 211
Phone: 718-997-5800
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Norman Weiss
Harmonic Analysis
Kissena, Room 331
Phone: 718-997-5832

Scott Wilson
Topology and Geometry
Kissena, Room 211
Phone: 718-997-5847
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Saeed Zakeri
Dynamical Systems
Kissena, Room 256A
Phone: 718-997-5843
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 Retired Faculty


Robert Cowen

Kiely, Room 406
Phone: 718-997-5800

Gerald Freilich

Kiely, Room 237
Phone: 718-997-5800

Joseph Kahane
Kiely, Room 410
Phone: 718-997-5800

Elliott Mendelson

Kiely, Room 237
Phone: 718-997-5800

Gerald Roskes

Kissena, Room 341
Phone: 718-997-5800

Lynn Schwartz

Delaney, Room 104
Phone: 718-997-3115

Alice Sims

Kissena, Room 341
Phone: 718-997-5825

Sol Weintraub

Kissena, Room 356
Phone: 718-997-5800




David End

Kiely, Room 331
Phone: 718-997-5859

Miriam Green

Kiely, Room 237
Phone: 718-997-5800

Maria Patto

Kiely, Room 237
Phone: 718-997-5800


 Faculty and Staff

Martin Braun: Professor
Adele Broges: Lecturer
Dianna Chen: Lecturer
Anisha Clarke: Lecturer
Robert Cowen: Emeritus Professor
Jozef Dodziuk: Professor
Eugene Don: Assistant Professor
Carole Eisen: Lecturer
William Emerson: Professor
David End: Lab Supervisor
Sharon Erlbaum: Lecturer
Gerald Freilich: Emeritus Professor
Wallace Goldberg: Professor
Miriam Green: Administrative Assistant
Christopher Hanusa: Assistant Professor
Yunping Jiang: Distinguished Professor
Steven Kahan: Lecturer
Joseph Kahane: Emeritus Professor
Krzysztof Klosin: Assistant Professor
Blendi Koroveshi: Lecturer
Kenneth Kramer: Professor
Dan Lee: Assistant Professor
Fei Liu: Assistant Professor
Michael Maller: Professor
Elliott Mendelson: Emeritus Professor
Nick Metas: Assistant Professor
Russell Miller: Professor
Sudeb Mitra: Professor
Alexey Ovchinnikov: Associate Professor
Maria Patto: Administrative Assistant
Stefan Ralescu: Professor
Gerald Roskes: Emeritus Professor
Ronald Rothenberg: Associate Professor
Maria Sabitova: Assistant Professor
Dragomir Saric: Associate Professor
Lynn Schwartz: Lecturer
Alice Sims: Lecturer
Fern Sisser: Associate Professor
Henya Spitz: Lecturer
Alan Sultan: Professor
John Terilla: Associate Professor
Sol Weintraub: Emeritus Professor
Norman Weiss: Professor
Scott Wilson: Assistant Professor
Saeed Zakeri: Associate Professor

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