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Excellence in Neuroscience Research Award

Each year, the Neuroscience Awards Committee recognizes two graduating seniors who have performed outstandingly in the lab with the Excellence in Neuroscience Research Award.
Award Recipients
David Arastehmanesh
The Effects of Microinjections of a D1 Antagonist in the Ventral Tegmental Area on Cocaine Conditioned Place Preference
Mentor: Dr. Robert Ranaldi
Daniel Stalbow
The Effects of Atorvastatin on Vocal Learning and Neurogenesis in the Juvenile Zebra Finch
Mentor: Dr. Carolyn Pytte
Ivonne Cruz
Thesis: Drugs and Natural Reward Processing: Effect of Heroin Exposure on Reward-related Behaviors
Mentor: Dr. Robert Ranaldi
Theologia Karagiorgis
Thesis: Activation of the Mesotelencephalic Dopamine Reward Pathway Following Oral Sugar and Fat Intake in Rats as Measured by c-fos Immunohistochemistry
Mentor: Dr. Richard Bodnar
Shoshana Korman
Thesis: Paradox of Dynamic Stability: Neurogenesis Contributes to a Stereotyped Behavior in Songbirds
Mentor: Dr. Carolyn Pytte
Kobi Wasner
Thesis: Aberrant Song-Related Feedback Alters Lateralized Pattern of Adult Neurogenesis
in Zebra Finch Auditory Region Caudomedial Nidopallium
Mentor: Dr. Carolyn Pytte
John Kalambogias
Thesis: Microglial Development and Response to Sensory Deprivation in Mouse Barrel Cortex
Mentor: Dr. Joshua C. Brumberg
Erica Rodriguez
Thesis: Experience-dependent Neuron Survival in Adult Zebra Finches
Mentor: Dr. Carolyn Pytte
Adesh A. Bajnath
Thesis: The Effect of Sensory Deprivation on Dendritic Spine Density and Morphology
in the Rodent Somatosensory Cortex
Mentor: Dr. Joshua Brumberg
Carole Parent
Thesis: The Relationship Between Neurogenesis and Cell Death
Mentor: Dr. Carolyn Pytte
Jason Abramowitz
Thesis: The Organization of Myelin in the Mouse Somatosensory Barrel Cortex
and the Effects of Sensory Deprivation on its Development
Mentor: Dr. Joshua Brumberg
Chantal Bruno
Thesis: Synergism of BDNF and Sympathetic Neuron Dysfunction
in the Etiology of Perivascular Inflammation
Mentor: Dr. Susan Croll
Yana Abayev
Thesis: Expression of Fructose-Conditioned Flavor Preferences: Opioid Antagonism
in the Amygdala and in the Nucleus Accumbens Shell and Core Regions
Mentor: Dr. Richard Bodnar
Michelle G. Bubnik
Thesis: Cluster Analysis of Preschoolers Using Objective Measures of Inattention,
Impulsivity, and Activity Level and Predictive Utility
Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Halperin
Karen Kest
Thesis: NMDA Antagonism in the Ventral Tegmental Area Impairs Acquisition,
But Not Expression, of Operant Responding
Mentor: Dr. Robert Ranaldi
Samira Zaman
Mentor: Dr. William Farrell

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