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Faculty and Staff




Michael Toner
Fitzgerald Gym, Room 203 D
Phone: 718-997-2717

Exercise physiology; temperature regulation during exercise.


 Deputy Chair


Ann Azzollini
Fitzgerald Gym, Room 203 J
Phone: 718-997-2723

Fitness assessment and exercise prescription with a focus on enhancing heart health, reducing obesity, and increasing lifetime physical activity. Assistant Director of the PATH (Physical Activity and Teenage Health) Program.  Physical Education Club advisor.

Patricia Miner
Remsen Hall, Room 306 B
Phone: 718-997-4152

Health belief model and adherance to dietary prescription in patients with diabetes mellitus. Director of ADA Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD). Jr. ADA (student chapter of the American Dietetic Association) student club advisor. <br>




Eve Bernstein
Fitzgerald Gym, Room 203 E
Phone: 718-997-2716

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Curriculum and teaching, structuring and implementation of competition and competitive activities in physical education. <br>

Sung Eun Choi
Remsen, Room 305 A
Phone: 718-997-4169

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Food Sensory Science with Nutritional Science. Effects of taste perception on health; food preference and food intake; dietary patterns and body weight; optimization of food formulation using sensory evaluation.

Clare Consiglio
Remsen, Room 306 F
Phone: 718-997-4149

Food Science and Meal Planning and Management . Help advise the undergraduate dietetic students and help advise the JR ADA Club. Creator and caretaker of the FNES Vegetable and Herb Garden (a sustainable food system model) which supplies fresh produce to the FNES food laboratory. Collect food scraps for composting.

Fern Estrow
Remsen Hall , Room 306D
Phone: 718-997-4138

Ariela Herman
Fitzgerald Gym, Room 203 B
Phone: 718-997-2715

Curriculum and teaching, action research, and movement science. Physical Education Program Coordinator and Advisor.

Ya Ching Hung
Fitzgerald Gym, Room 203 L
Phone: 718-997-2739

Biomechanics, Motor Learning and Motor Control.&nbsp; Changes of movement coordination during learning. <br>

Sunitha Jasti
Remsen Hall, Room 306 C
Phone: 718-997-4159

My research is on the nutritional behaviors of ethnic minority and immigrant populations in the U.S.&nbsp; I am interested in learning about the use of nutritional tools available such as food labels in these populations.&nbsp; I also look at the healthfulness of diets of immigrants.&nbsp; I study aspects of dietary changes that occur during their stay in the U.S and if and how those changes affect their health.&nbsp;

Ashima Kant
Remsen, Room 306 E
Phone: 718-997-4156

Graduate Advisor for Family Consumer Sciences. Food and nutrition, and nutritional epidemiology. Assessment of overall diet quality; dietary patterns and long-term health outcomes; dietary patterns and body weight; socio-demographic and lifestyle correlates of dietary patterns.

Elizabeth Lowe
Remsen, Room 305B
Phone: 718-997-4168

Textiles and Apparel Specialization Coordinator and Program Advisor. Fashion Association student club advisor (student chapter of the International Textile and Apparel Association). <br> <br>

Andrea Mosenson
Remsen Hall, Room 306 A
Phone: 718-997-4161

Educational studies and teacher education. Family and Consumer Science Teacher Education Coordinator and Program Advisor.

Elizabeth Riina
Remsen Hall, Room 306D
Phone: 718-570-0466

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Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS), AAFCS Student club advisor, Family processes, family research methods, socio-cultural contexts for family and individual development.

Mihaela Robila
Remsen Hall, Room 306 G
Phone: 718-997-4157

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Professor of Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) <br>HDFS Program Coordinator and Student Adviser <br>AAFCS (student chapter of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences) Student club advisor




Krystle Holder
Fitzgerald Gym, Room 203
Phone: 718-997-2710

Christina Li
Remsen, Room 308
Phone: 718-997-4165

Alyson Tse
Fitzgerald Gym, Room 203
Phone: 718-997-2710

Henry Wang
Fitzgerald Gym, Room 221
Phone: 718-997-2725


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