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 Geochemistry Laboratories


Yan Zheng, Stephen Pekar, Gary Hemming

Geochemistry Laboratories are used for graduate coursework and research. Analyses of elemental and isotopic compositions in water, soil, sediments and biological samples are done in these laboratories. The laboratories are equipped with various instruments for such as P-E Optima 5300 D ICP-OES (S. Pekar/G. Hemming) for multi-elements analysis, P-E Aanalyst 800 AAS (Y. Zheng) for cations and trace metal analysis, Shimadzu TOC – VCPH – SSM 500 (Y. Zheng) for total carbon and nitrogen analysis in liquid and solid samples, JV Horiba FluoroMax-3 Fluorescence spectrometer 3 (Y. Zheng) for humic substances analysis, Hand Held XRF (Y. Zheng/G. Hemming) for elemental analysis in sediments/rocks. The laboratory also houses a DINOEX DX500 (Y. Zheng) ion-chromatograph system (LC20 chromatograph system, GP 40 gradient pump, AS40 auto sampler with AD20 absorbance detector and ED40 electrochemical detector) and various field type equipments for on site water quality measurements dissolved oxygen meters, pH/Eh meters, conductivity meters and a digital alkalinity titrator. The laboratories are also in the process of housing two instruments: Costech Elemental Combustion system 4010 CHNS-O (J. Bird) and HP 5890 Plus II GC (J. Bird). The geochemistry laboratories are equipped with several acid fume hoods, an acid hood capable of hydrofluoric and perchloric acid work. These labs contain a Barnstead/Thermolyne nanopure infinity UV water systems, an Envrion Corp. Class 100 laminar flow hood, a range of balances (Cahn C-33 microbalance, Denver Instrument A-160 analytical balance and a Mettler bench-top), a centrifuge with temperature control, an oven (Lindberg Blue M), an incubator, a freeze-dryer (Labconco), several refrigerators, a shaker, an isotherm water batch, a sonicator and a UV digestor. A Coy anaerobic chamber with a platform shaker is also housed in Geochemistry lab for incubation studies.


 Office Information

Chair: George Hendrey
Dept. Office: Science Bldg., D216
Phone: 718- 997-3300
Fax: 718-997-3299

Geochemistry lab

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