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Into The Woods


 Archive of Workshop Agendas, Cohort 2, Fall 2013-Present

Into the Woods
Cohort 2 Workshop Agendas
Nov 23, 2013 – Present
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This List Will Be Updated on a Regular Basis
  Year 1, Fall 2013-Spring 2014   Year 2, Fall 2014-Spring 2015
Subject Date Subject Date
Nature Awareness Nov 23-24 Environmental Literacy Meeting Nov 1st, 2014
Elementary GLOBE Dec 7-8 World of Birds Dec 6th-7th, 2014
Weather Jan 11-12
Visualizing Changing Coastlines Feb 1-2
Geology Mar 15-16
Biology April 26-27
Pond Ecology (Make-up) May 3-4
GLOBE Research Pt. 1 June 30th
GLOBE Research Pt. 2 July 1st
GLOBE Research Pt. 3 July 2nd
 Into the Woods
Cohort 2, Workshop 1: Nature Awareness
November 23  repeated Nov. 24, 2013
Queens College Science Building Rm. E-243
Presenter: Peter Schmidt
8:30.   Breakfast and Check in
9:00.   Welcome, Introductions and Program overview
9:30.   Evaluation introduction and pre-test
10:30. Leave for Nature Awareness field trip to Cunningham Park
11:00  Nature Awareness guided exploration 
12:45. Leave park to return for lunch
1:00.   Lunch at Queens College
1:30.   Introduction to “Elementary GLOBE”
2:00.  Teachers self directed review of assigned “Elementary GLOBE” materials
3:00.  Teachers present out to group summary of their project
3:45.  Summary
4:00.  End
Into the Woods
Elementary GLOBE Workshop
December 7 and repeated December 8, 2013
Queens College, Science Building room D-243
Presenter: Peter Schmidt
8:30  Welcome and brief re-cap of program
9:00 Introduction to Classroom activities in Elementary GLOBE
          Story by Story overview of activities
          Teacher participate in selected activities:
                   Clouds Have Names: Cloudscape
                             Outdoor Cloud ID Activity
Mystery of the Disappearing Hummingbirds: Online research and build model hummingbird.
12:00 Break for Lunch
12:30  Resume Projects:
                   Scoop on Soils: Soil Investigation
                   All the World on Stage: What Plants Need
                   Discoveries at Willow Creek: Observations, Close and Far
                             Outdoor Observations piece.
3:30    Wrap up and set up for next workshop.
Into the Woods
Weather Workshop
January 11 repeated January 12, 2014
Queens College, Science Building room E-243
Presenter: Peter Schmidt
8:30 Welcome and brief re-cap of program.  Thank you and reminder about         responding to surveys.  Answer honestly.
        Discussion of some of the walks I have led for some of the teachers, reminding everyone that I or one of the other staff are available to lead walks related to any of the “Into the Woods” topics.
9:00 Introduction to Weather:
        Measurement: Which Thermometer?  Learning activity
        Air pressure, demo, cloud in a bottle, convection cell model
How to read the barometer, what does it mean?
Brief examination and discussion of the Earth System Poster
12:00 Break for Lunch
12:30 Relative humidity, discussion, build and use a sling psychrometer
        Clouds and contrails discussion, followed by Estimating Cloud Cover activity
3:30 Wrap up and set up for next workshop
Into the Woods
                                                                            Visualizing Changing Coastlines Workshop
February 1st and February 2nd, 2014
Queens College, Science Building room E-243
Presenter: Nordica Holochuck, Hudson Estuary Specialist, New York Sea Grant
8:30:  Opening and Introductions
Geospatial Globe Activity: Catch the Ocean for Teachers
Visualizing Coastal Change: What is a watershed?
Visualizing Coastal Change In the NY Metro Area
Remote Sensing, Reading Topographic Maps, Topographic map exercise, Aerial Photographs, Airphoto Exercise
Geospatial Materials for Coastal Restoration
Bronx River Restoration Video from The American Museum of Natural History
Soundview Park and Liberty State Park Site Introduction

Site characterization Exercise and group Reporting

Mapmaking With Children: A sense of Place Education

River Puzzle Activity Hudson River Profile Model Activity Build your Watershed Activity

4:00 Wrap up, Evaluation, Resource Materials distributed
 Into the Woods
 Geology Workshop
March 15 repeated March 16, 2014
Queens College, Science Building room D-243
Presenter: Dr. Allan Ludman
8:30 Welcome and brief re-cap of program. 
        Discussion of any “Into the Woods” activity.  Reminder that staff is available to lead, assist or provide moral support for anyone wanting to plan a trip. Reminder to invite me to school for tour and to arrange meeting with their Principal.
9:00 Introduction to Rocks:  See attached lab guide.    
12:00 Break for Lunch
12:30 Field trip to Orchard Beach: Survey of outcroppings along shore.
3:30 Wrap up and set up for next workshop
Into the Woods
Biology Workshop
April 26 and 27, 2014
Queens College, Science Building room D-243
Presenter: Peter Schmidt
8:30 Welcome and brief recap.   
9:00 Full group discussion of problems, issues in moving program forward.  Acknowledge successes, please share any trips or activities you have done.  Try to identify “Points of Entry”.
9:30 Introductory activity, How common is your favorite animal?
9:45 Why a Bug?      
12:00 Break for lunch
12:30 Field trip to Cunningham Park, Bugs and basic Forest Ecology
Activities: Big Bug Hunt! (the hunt is big, not the bugs!), Magic Windows,  Leaf Litter Examination.
3:00 Return to campus
3:30 Wrap up
Into the Woods
Pond Ecology Workshop – Make up
May 3, 2014, and repeated May 4, 2014
Queens College, Science Building room D-243
Presenter: Peter Schmidt
8:30  Welcome and Q and A about any implementation issues that may have come up.
8:45  Introduction:  What is a pond?
                   Classification activity
                   Use of the Field Guide
                   Prep for field tip
10:00  Trip to local pond (Kingsbury Rd. entrance Alley Pond)    
                   Class management in the field
                   How to catch and sort
                   Participants collect
12:00  Return to classroom
12:30  Lunch
1:00  Evaluation questionnaire
1:20  Expanded specimen ID
                   Use of Brock microscope, examination of micro-biota
2:00  Research and report
3:00  Groups report out
3:30  Culminating activity: Web of Life
4:00  End
 Into the Woods
                                                                                   GLOBE Research Pt. 1 Workshop
Cohort 2
June 30, 2014
Queens College, Science Building room E-243
Presenter: Peter Schmidt
8:30 Welcome and brief re-cap of program. 
        Discussion of what people have been doing with their classes related to ITW.
Outline what to expect next 3 workshops.  Begin thinking about research topic.
10:00 GLOBE learning activity: Just passing through.
        Relate to general soils studies
        Relate to “Scientific Method”
12:00 Break for Lunch
1:00 Re-cap introduction to soils.
        Introduce soil protocols; Soil Characterization, Soil Moisture, Soil Bulk Density.
        On Campus field trip to collect soil samples.
3:00 Return to room and prepare samples for drying, and tomorrows lab work.
3:30 Wrap up clean up and set up for next workshop
                                                                                                                               Into the Woods
GLOBE Research Pt. 2 Workshop
July 1, 2014
Queens College, Science Building room E-243
Presenter: Peter Schmidt
8:30 Welcome and brief reminder of yesterday’s activities. 
10:00 Review instructions for how to process the soil samples.
        Begin with soil moisture.
        Set up data chart.
Analyze data
Talk about importance and relevance of the data and process.
Repeat for Bulk Density.
12:00 Break for Lunch
1:00 Field trip to revisit Pond.
        Collect samples of freshwater invertebrates.
        Identify and quantify on site.
3:00 Return to room and discuss changes seen between the two visits.  Relate to research projects with their classes.
3:30 Wrap up clean up and outline next workshop.
 Into the Woods
                                                                                  GLOBE Research Pt. 3 Workshop
July 2, 2014
Queens College, Science Building room E-243
Presenter: Peter Schmidt
8:30 Welcome and brief reminder of last weekend’s activities. 
9:00 Evaluation follow up.
10:00 On campus nature walk.
        Examples of how to identify natural processes in an urban setting.
        Magic windows and discussions on how to craft inquiry questions about the environment.
        “OH Deer” activity and wrap up.
12:00 Break for lunch
1:00 Discuss choosing research topics for nest school year.
        Review what equipment goes with each selection.
        Point out grade relevance of various choices and how to craft topics to a grade level.
Teachers work in groups to pick their topics and fill out registration sheet with their choices.
3:00 Review choices, Outline agenda for next year. Wrap up and final words, year 1.
Into the Woods
World of Birds Workshop
December 6th and 7th, 2014
Queens College, Science Building room D-243
Presenter: Lindsay Glasner, k-12 Birdsleuth Program, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
8:30-9:00 Registration, Introduction and Brief Orientation: Lab and BirdSleuth, Overview of day
·         Participant introductions (introduce partner: name, where they teach and role, favorite bird) 
·         Introduction to Habitat Connections
·         Imagine life as a bird
9:30-10:45 Habitat Investigation (Lesson 1)  
·         9:30-10:25     What is Habitat? Outdoor Scavenger Hunt; Bird Bingo (Trent)
·         10:25-10:45   Create a habitat map and watch for birds (Trent)
o   YardMap – map your habitat drawing online
10:45-12:30 Citizen Science, Bird Identification, and Modeling Migration
·         10:45-11:00   Introduction to citizen science What is citizen science?
·         11:00-11:45   Bird ID: Merlin, bird types, field guides (Trent)
o   Create a field guide—each individual select a “focus bird” to intro
·         11:45-12:30   eBird count (Trent) and Data entry
12:30-1:15 Lunch
1:15-3:45 Habitat Connections Activities:  Lesson  6: Modeling Migration (Trent), Lesson 2: Migration Obstacle Course (Trent), Lesson 3: Bird Survivor, Leson 5: Scientist in Action
·         3:00-3:30   Schoolyard projects
o   Introduction to BirdSleuth Inquiry and Action Map
3:30-4:00 Wrap Up,
Discussion: Will you take Action? Reflections on the curriculum? Workshop Evaluation

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