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The undergraduate accounting major requires completion of 63 course credits:
•    29 credits in accounting courses
•    10 credits in law and taxation
•    18 credits in economics, business and computer science
•     6 credits in approved electives
By navigating to our Accounting Major Curriculum page, you will find a listing of each of the courses within the above groups along with descriptions of each individual course.
If you prepare the information you need and follow the steps we outline here, you can make the process of declaring accounting as your major a simple one. If you are a transfer student, please note that transfer credits are generally limited to ACCT 101, ACCT 102, ACCT 305, and ACCT 261, with a minimum grade of C. Generally, transfer students have the opportunity to attend a workshop prior to the start of the semester here at Queens College. At that time, an academic advisor will evaluate your existing college credits and determine the corresponding courses/credits that will apply toward your Bachelor’s degree here. If you have not attended a workshop please visit the Academic Advising Center in Kiely Hall, Room 217.
If you plan to declare Accounting as your major soon after transferring, check bring your unofficial Queens College transcript with you when you meet your faculty advisor in the Accounting Department. and make sure that it includes all qualifying accounting courses that you successfully completed at your prior institution. If you have foreign accounting credits you will need to obtain an evaluation of your prior academic record to determine eligible transfer credits. Please contact . Professor Stevens of the Accounting Department. You can get this done by visiting the Academic Advising Center in Kiely Hall, Room 217.
Next step, download and complete the accounting concentration form. By completing this form you are creating a plan of how you will successfully meet the accounting major requirements during your tenure at the College. On the concentration form, you must indicate the class standing, semester, and year in which you plan to (or have satisfactorily completed) each course. Also select the elective courses you will be taking and provide the class standing, semester, and year in which you plan to (or have satisfactorily completed) the electives. Note that certain courses have prerequisites and each course has a “suggested class standing”. That means you must have at least the suggested class standing when you actually take the course.

Accounting Major Concentration Form.pdf

You will need to print and complete one other form; the major declaration form available at

Declaration of Major.pdf
Next to last step! Please visit the Accounting Department office (Powdermaker Hall 215) and ask a staff member to assign a faculty member advisor. Make an appointment to see your faculty advisor or visit that person during their normal office hours (see our Advising website) for faculty advisors and their office hours.
Your advisor will review and sign your accounting concentration and major declaration forms.
Last step! Take your signed major declaration form to the One Stop Service Center (Dining Hall, Room 128) and you’re done. Congratulations!
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