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Risk Management

M.S. in Risk Management Program

Graduate Core Courses

Basic Core Courses

The following courses (total of 15 credits) must be taken by all students entering the MS in RM, except as noted below. Basic graduate core coursework must be taken prior to enrolling in ERM 701, 702, 704, or 705. Some electives may be taken while graduate core coursework is being completed, if all prerequisites have been met. With permission of the director, individual courses may be waived for those students that have taken equivalent courses as part of their undergraduate program. Students who have completed an undergraduate degree in accounting or any of the BBA majors at Queens College will be exempt from these Graduate Core Courses.

ECO 601 Introduction to Micro and Macro Economics (Fall) (4 credits)

ECO 602 Introduction to Corporate Finance and Money and Banking (Spring) (4 credits)
Prerequisite: ECO 601, Introduction to Micro and Macro Economics, or ECO 101 and 102.

ECO 649 Statistics as Applied to Economics and Business (Spring) (3 credits)

ACCT 600 Financial Theory and Accounting Practice, Part I (Fall) (4 credits)

Additional Graduate Core Courses for Accounting/CPA Concentration

Students wishing to enter the Accounting/CPA concentration must complete the following additional core courses. Students with an undergraduate degree in Accounting will be exempt from these additional graduate core courses.

Accounting 601 Financial Accounting Theory and Practice-Part 2 (4 credits ) (Spring)

Accounting 602 Financial Accounting Theory and Practice-Part 3 (3 credits) (Fall)

Accounting 603 Concepts of Managerial Accounting (Spring) (4 credits)

Accounting 604 Concepts of Auditing and Computer Auditing (4 credits)

Accounting 605 Introduction to Business Law (4 credits)

Accounting 606 Federal and New York State Taxes on Income (4 credits)

Computer Science 688 Advanced Productivity Tools for Business (3 credits)

Total of 26 credits
Students who have successfully completed the appropriate graduate core courses for their concentration as described above (i.e. with a minimum GPA of 3.0) must then complete at least 30 additional graduate credits with a minimum overall GPA of 3.0. Students whose GPA in the program falls below 3.0 will be placed on probation, and will not be permitted to register if the GPA is not brought back up after one semester. Appeals may be made to the Enterprise Risk Management Faculty Advisory Committee (see above). Only one course may be retaken for grade replacement.


 Office Information

Powdermaker Hall, Room 331
(718) 997-5507​

Professor Diane Coogan is available by appointment.  Please contact Elvira Casper ( to set up an appointment.

Office Hours:
Tuesday 1:00pm-2:30pm
Wednesday 12:00pm-3:00pm 
As the May 1 application deadline approached, we received many inquiries. The admissions committee is still in the midst of reviewing those applications received by the deadline. If you missed the deadline and still wish to apply for fall matriculation, the committee will, at its discretion, continue to review applications after the May 1st deadline on a space available basis. Thus, the application window for the risk management programs has been left open at Queens College Graduate Admissions, and if you wish to apply, please visit:


 Important Dates

August 26: Risk Management Open House
August 26: US OPEN

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