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Scholastic Standards


The following grades are used in the Graduate Division of Queens College:

A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, F

Special Grades

W(withdrawn Passing): This grade is given when a student withdraws formally after the eighth week of the semester with a passing grade in the course work completed.

WF(Withdrawn Failing): This grade is given when a student withdraws formally after the eighth week of the semester with a failing grade in the course work completed.

WU (Withdrawn Unofficially): This grade is given when a student ceases to attend classes without formally withdrawing from the course. WU is equivalent to a failure.

P is a passing grade that is valid only in those few courses designated as permitting this grade.

Z is a temporary grade assigned when an instructor does not submit a grade.

Audit (Aud.) indicates that a student registered and paid for a course and attended classes, but was not required to do course work and will receive no credit for the course. Courses that have been audited may not later be repeated for credit, nor will credit be granted for an audited course.

Incomplete Work

The following grades apply to incomplete work:

Incomplete (Inc.): This grade, which must be requested by the student, is given by the instructor to indicate that a student has made a satisfactory record in the course work but, for good and sufficient reason, is unable to complete the course. A graduate student receiving this grade must complete the work of the course by the end of the next two regular semesters in attendance. Requests for extensions of this time limit must be addressed to the Office of Graduate Studies. If the work of the course is not completed, the grade remains on the transcript without penalty.

Absent (Abs.): This is a temporary grade indicating that the student missed the final examination, which was the only work in the course that was not completed. The Absent grade is given only when it is expected that the student will be able to achieve a passing grade in the course by taking a makeup examination. A graduate student receiving this grade is required, with the permission of the departmental chair, to take a makeup final examination by the end of the next two regular semesters in attendance. A fee of $15 is charged when a special makeup examination is given.

Withdrawal Procedure

Withdrawals during the first eight weeks are considered program adjustments, and no special approval is required. Students who wish to withdraw from a graduate course after the eighth week of the semester must do so formally by filing a Course Withdrawal form in the Registrar's Office.

Note that a course dropped during the first three weeks of the semester may result in a refund of some portion of the tuition fee. The activity fee is not refundable unless the student has formally withdrawn from classes prior to the official first day of class.

Note: Students may not graduate with an unresolved grade of Abs. on the record.

Important Note Regarding Completion of Courses

Full time graduate students who are eligible to receive New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) awards must meet the program and academic progress requirements to be considered in good academic standing. The penalty for loss of good academic standing is suspension of the award. (Refer to the College's Bulletin.)

Required Grade Point Average, Probation, and Dismissal

All programs must be completed with a minimum average of at least B (3.0). A matriculated graduate student whose grade-point average falls below 3.0 during the course of the program will be placed on probation. The student will then have up to 12 graduate credits within which to raise the grade-point average to 3.0. If this level is not achieved, the student will be dismissed.

A matriculated graduate student who is dismissed must remain out of the College for at least one semester. If such a student wishes to return, the student must file a formal application for re-entry a pay a nonrefundable re-entry fee by the appropriate deadline. The student must also petition the Office of Graduate Studies for permission to re-enter. Requests for re-entry will be reviewed on an individual basis.

If a student is required by the College to leave a program a second time, for any reason, the student will not be permitted to re-enter.

Students who have completed the total credits required by their degree or certificate program may not take additional credits at another institution to raise the grade-point average. At the completion of the total credits allotted to a program, if a student does not have a 3.0 average and wishes to register for additional courses at Queens College in order to raise the grade point average, permission to do so must be obtained from the Office of Graduate Studies. Courses taken at other colleges are not computed in the grade-point average.


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