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Dr. Ben Alexander

  Rosenthal Library
  Graduate School of Library and Information Studies
  Queens College, City University of New York
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Ph.D. (2005) The Graduate School and University Center, The City University of New York. British and American Literature

M.A. (2000) Columbia University. British and American Literature

B.S. (1994) Clark University. British and American Literature

Work Experience

Assistant Professor (2007 - ) Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, Queens College, The City University of New York
Post-Doctoral Scholar (2005 – 2007) Graduate School of Information Studies,The University of California, Los Angeles

Manuscripts Specialist (2003 – 2005) The Manuscripts and Archives Division, The New York Public Library

Archivist, The Yaddo Records (2000 – 2003) The Manuscripts and Archives Division, The New York Public Library

Research & Professional Interests

My research interests focus on Archival Theory and Practice, the History of Books and Printing, as well as 20 th century American Intellectual and Creative History. In particular, I am interested in the evidences of intellectual and creative thought at there point of material production and in studying the transmition of such interests across time and distance. I am similarly interested in international perspectives on the relationship between materiality and the formation of cultural memory and community identity.

Selected Publications


Alexander, Ben.  Yaddo: Shaping the American Century. Athens, Ga: The University of Georgia Press.  Fall 2014.

Bastian, J and Alexander, B.  (eds.) Community Archives: Shaping Memory. London: Facet Publications, 2009. 


Yao Leye, Lin Xi, Cai Na and Alexander, Ben. A study of Knowledge Management to Government Emergency Managment. Disaster Prevention and Management, Spring 2014.
Alexander, Ben. “’What a Setting for a Mystery’: Yaddo, the Yaddo Records, and the Memory of Place.”  Archival Science Vol. 9. Issue 1- 2 (2009): pp. 87-98.
Alexander, Ben.  “’For Posterity’: The Private Audio Recordings of Louis Armstrong.” American Archivist Vol. 7. Number 1 (2008): pp. 50-86.
Alexander, Ben.  “The Lowell Affair.”  New England Quarterly Vol. LXXX. No. 4 (2007): pp. 545-587.
Alexander, Ben.  “Excluding Archival Silences: Oral History and Historical Absence.” Archival Science  Vol 6.  Issue 1 (2006): pp. 1-11.
Alexander, B.  “The Yaddo Records: How an Institutional Archive Reveals Creative Insight.”  English Studies Canada Vol. 30 No. 1 (2004): pp. 86-100.


Alexander, Ben."The Politics of the Archive and Archival Politics: Shaping the Memory of Occupy." From Main Street to Wall Street: The politics of Occupy. Spring 2014.​
Alexander, Ben.  (In Press) “Freedom Summer: Remembering and (re)Remembering Civil Rights in America.”  Identity Palimpsests: Archiving Ethnicity in the U.S. and Canada.  Eds. Dominqiue Daniel and Amelia Levi.  Sacramento, Ca: Litwin Books, 2014.  22 mss pages. 
Alexander, Ben. (In Press)  “The Salman Rushdie Archive and the Re-Imagining of a Philological E-volution.”  Texts, Transmissions, Receptions.  eds. H. Hoeken, A. Lardinois & S. Levie. Leiden: Brill, 2014.  35 mss pages.
Alexander, Ben.  “’This Really is a Delightful Place to Work’: Langston Hughes at Yaddo.” Black Writers and the Left. Ed. Kristin Moriah.  London: Cambridge Scholarly Publishing, 2013.  P. 81 -100.
Special Editions
Ben Alexander and Andrew Flinn co-editors.  “Archiving Activism.”  Special edition of Archival Science.  (Letter of confirmation received from editors of Archival Science and CFP posted to Archival Science webpage). 

Archives: Recording Keeping in Society. American Archivist , Spring 2007



Invited Lectures

November 2006, The University of Glasgow From Memory to History: The Archive and the Shapes of Historiography

“For Posterity”: The Private Audio Recordings of Louis Armstrong October 2006, Claremont Graduate University

“For Posterity”: The Private Audio Recordings of Louis Armstrong September 2006, The University of Nevada Los Vegas

Yaddo: A Creative History December 2006, The New York Public Library The Yaddo Records and the Shaping of a Creative Culture

Selected Workshops and Institutes

January 2007, The University of California Los Angeles. Friday Forum “These Fragments”: A Critical Discussion of Books and Archives .

November 2006. Modernist Studies Association Annual Conference, Tulsa, Ok.

Pre-conference Seminar Leader, Beyond the Creative Manuscript: Expanding the Search for Creative Memory . Participants included Professors from: University of Alberta, University of Auckland, Duke University, Providence College, University of Sydney, and The University of Washington.

Selected Conference Presentations

August 2008, Fourth International Conference on the History of Records and Archives, The University of Western Australia, Perth.

Communities and their Archives: Documenting and Sustaining Memory July 2008, Archive Fervour / Archive Fever , The University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

“Forty or so Acres”: The Archive and the Formation of Literary Intention January 2008, Modern Language Association Annual Conference, Chicago, Ill.

Archive Trouble October 2006, Modernist Studies Association Annual Conference, Tulsa, OK

Invited Panelist: “Open Forum on Teaching: The Archive and the College Classroom.” Panelists include: Michael Coyle, Professor of English, Colgate University; Jerome McGann, University Professor and John Stewart Bryan Professor of English, The University of Virginia; Christine Miller, Professor, Department Chair and Edward H. Butler Endowed Chair in English, The State University of New York Albany.
April 2006, College English Association Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX “These Fragments”: The Material History of The Waste Land

April 2006, O'Connor and Other Georgia Writers , Georgia College and State University “If Only She Were Civil”: Katherine Anne Porter, Carson McCullers and Yaddo

November 2005, Modernist Studies Association Annual Conference, Chicago, IL Archive and Intention in Modern Literature , Panel Chair. Panelists included: Jeremy Braddock, Assistant Professor, Princeton University; Damien Keane, Assistant Professor, SUNY Buffalo; Dominic Williams, Post-Doctoral Scholar, Leeds University, UK

June 2005, Victorians and Moderns , Centre for Victorian Studies, University of Leeds, UK Contested Pages: Alfred Tennyson, T.S. Eliot and The Waste Land Manuscripts

May 2005, Communities in Crisis , The University of South Carolina The Lowell Affair August, 2004, International Archives Congress, Vienna, Austria

Revealing Cultural Silences: Oral History and Archival Absence June, 2004, Back to Bloomsbury , International Virginia Woolf Society Annual Conference, London, UK

Clarissa Dalloway's Personal Waste Land: Revealing T.S. Eliot's Presence in Mrs. Dalloway June, 2004, James T. Farrell Centenary Conference , American University of Paris, France

“For the Opportunity to Have Completed this Book”: James T. Farrell, Studs Lonigan , and Yaddo August, 2003, Society of American Archivists Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA. Oral History and the Problematic Material Record

Selected Courses Taught

Fall, 2007, Archives and Manuscripts , Queens College GSLIS

Fall, 2007, Preservation , Queens College GSLIS

Spring 2007, Advanced Seminar in Archival Arrangement and Description , UCLA SI Winter 2007, The Printed Book in Europe, 1550 – 1950 , UCLA SI

Fall 2006, Historical Methodologies , UCLA SI

Spring 2006 , American Archives and Manuscripts , UCLA SI

Fall 2005, A Social History of Books and Printing , UCLA SI

Summer 2005, The History of Books and Printing , Queens College, GSLIS

Spring 2005, American Studies, Queens College Department of English

Fall 2004, American Literature 1900 – 1950, Queens College Department of English

Fall 2004, Introduction to Shakespeare, Queens College Department of English


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