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Frequently Asked Questions
•  Does Queens College automatically recommend you for certification?
No.  You must request recommendation by submitting an Institutional Recommendation Request Form.  The Teacher Certification Office will contact you during the semester that you are completing your program. It is the candidate’s responsibility to submit documentation and follow the procedures set up to apply for certification.  Once all of the required documents have been submitted and your program is completed then the Teacher Certification Office will be able to recommend you for certification.  You should request recommendation upon completion of your program regardless of whether or not you intend to file an application for certification at that time.
•  When should I request to be recommended?
During the semester that you will be completing your Degree or Advanced Cerificate Program.  Queens College cannot recommend you for certification until you complete your program in its entirety and your Degree Conferral and/or Program Completion notation has been posted on your transcript.
•  Can I be recommended for certification before completing the exams?
Yes.  Queens College recommends candidates for certification based on the completion of your program and having completed the required seminars.  You can be recommend for certification prior to passing the exams, however you will not be issued a certification unless you have passed the required exams and have your fingerprints on file with the New York State Department of Education.

•   Can I apply for a first initial certification without being recommended?
No.  All students seeking their first Initial Certification must complete an approved teacher preparation program and be recommend by the college.

•   Will I be recommended as soon as my classes are complete/when my grades are in?
No.  The college cannot recommend students for certification until Registrar completes its final Degree Audit and posts the graduation conferral on your transcript.  This applies to Advanced Certificate Program completers as well as students receiving a degree.   Please allow up to 9 weeks after the Degree Conferral Date for records to be finalized and the recommendation to be entered on the NYSED TEACH Online Services System.
​Semester ​Deadline to file for Graduation
​Degree Conferral Date
​FALL ​November 1 ​January 1
​WINTER ​January 1 ​Februrary 1
​SPRING ​March 1 ​Date of Spring Commencement (about June 1)
​SUMMER ​July 1 ​September 1

  • Do I need to apply for NYS certification?
Yes.  You must enter an application for NYS Certification on the NYSED TEACH Online Services system.

  • What is the difference between the New York State Education Department (NYSED) and the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE)?
The NYSED in Albany, NY is the state agency that issues your NYS Certificate which is required to work in public schools across NY State (  The NYCDOE (formerly the NYC Board of Education) is your employer if you work for NYC Public Schools (

  • A NYC public school interested in hiring me is asking for my file number.  What is a NYCDOE file number?
The NYCDOE file number is a unique identifier issued to educators in the NYCDOE for payroll purposes.  You are not issued a file number until after you have been hired and it will be issued after your first paycheck.  If you were previously issued a file number as a substitute teacher or employee, you will keep that file number.

  • I also wish to work for NYS public schools outside of NYC.  Where can I apply and view job listings?
Please visit OLAS

  • I was fingerprinted by the NYCDOE for student teaching, employment, etc.  How can I tell if my fingerprint clearance appears in my NYSED TEACH account?  
Log in to your NYSED TEACH account (if you haven't yet created an account Self-Register to do so), once logged it, click on TEACH Home, click on the Account Information link , highlight Fingerprinting, click GO.  You should see the statement "We have received your fingerprint information from NYC" ignore No Data Found underneath.

  • My fingerprint clearance does not appear in my NYSED TEACH account, what should I do?
If your fingerprint information does not appear in your NYSED TEACH account, complete the OSPRA 104 Form, do not check a box in Section 2 if none apply, mail or fax the form to the NYCDOE at the address or fax number at the bottom of the form.  The NYCDOE will transfer your fingerprint clearance to the NYSED.

  • How will I know if my NYS Certificate has issued?  How can I check the status of my certificate?
Log in to your NYSED TEACH account, click on TEACH Home, click on the Account Information link, highlight Certificates, click GO. 
If you've applied for NYS certification, have passed all of your required NYS exams, your fingerprint clearance appears in your NYSED TEACH account and you have been recommended by Queens College AND one or more of your certificates have not issued on the NYSED TEACH system, please contact the NYSED to request that your certificate(s) be issued. Oftentimes certain actions require the intervention of NYSED personnel, please see their contact information below:
NYSED Office of Teaching Initiatives
Phone: (518) 474-3901
Staff are available: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

  • How can I apply for additional areas of certification (or extensions) now that I'm certified without having to complete another certification program?
The NYSED allows already certified individuals to apply for most additional areas of certification (or extensions) on their own (not through Queens College) through the Additional Classroom Teaching Certificate (Must hold a valid certificate) Pathway or the Individual Evaluation Pathway.
  • If you were certified prior to the NYSED's new DASA workshop requirement, you will need to complete the DASA workshop prior to the issuance of any additional or new certificates.
  • As a matter of policy Queens College does not evaluate transcripts for individuals applying through an Individual Evaluation Pathway.  Any evaluation completed other than by the NYSED would be unofficial and possibly inaccurate.
  • To apply for additional areas go back to the TEACH Online system, apply for the additional Initial Certificate(s) (or Professional only if you already hold Professional in another area) or extension(s) online following the instructions on the website.
  • When prompted for a program code, you DO NOT enter a program code, instead select: (B) No, I have not completed, nor am I enrolled in, an Approved Teacher Preparation Program at a New York State College or University for this certificate and this type.
  • On the Interstate Reciprocity screen, select No, I am not eligible to apply through the Interstate Reciprocity Pathway.  Then select the Individual Evaluation for an Additional Classroom Teaching Certificate Pathway or Individual Evaluation Pathway.
  • You will then have to mail your transcripts (and/or other documentation) and wait for them to review.
  • You may wish to include course descriptions in your correspondence with the NYSED. Queens College course descriptions may be found online or in current or past bulletins.  Include cover letter with name, the last four digits of your social security number and your date of birth and mail with transcript(s) and course description(s) to:
Office of Teaching Initiatives
New York State Education Department
89 Washington Ave, 5N EB
Albany, New York 12234
*When your transcript(s) are first received your application will be listed as Ready for Review.  Ready for Review means just that - your application hasn't been reviewed by an evaluator at the NYSED yet.  The system defaults to "deficient" or "unmet" for some requirements until the application is evaluated, it more accurately should state "not yet reviewed" next the those requirements.  The evaluation will change once your application is reviewed.
  • As you would be applying directly to the NYSED, please contact them with any questions you may have.

  • I've applied for Professional Certification and my Mentored Experience is listed as Deficient, how can I have it verified?

Please see Mentoring Requirement for Certification OR if you were mentored in a NYC Public School, please email

  • I've applied for Professional or Permanent Certification and the required work experience that I've detailed on TEACH is listed as Deficient, why?

Your application is most likely listed as Ready for Review.  Ready for Review means just that - your application hasn't been reviewed by an evaluator at the NYSED yet. The system defaults to "deficient" or "unmet" for some requirements until the application is evaluated, it actually means that those requirements have not been reviewed yet.  Have your employer(s) submit the Verification of Paid Experience Form to the NYSED.  The evaluation will change once your teaching experience and application is reviewed.  If you have further questions please contact the NYSED.

  • I've applied for Professional or Permanent Certification and my Citizenship Status is listed as Unmet, why?

If this is incorrect, and you are a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident, login to your TEACH account, click on TEACH Home, under Profile Links click on Update/Add Education, Employment and Personal Information.  Then click on Edit Personal Information.  Under Resident Status highlight "I am a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States" and click Submit. The evaluation should update the following day.

​Teacher Certification Office
Powdermaker Hall, Room 100G

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