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Graduate Programs

MS Literacy Teacher, B-6

Admission requirements and prerequisites:
Students are required to hold a bachelor’s degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, and a NYS initial certificate in Childhood Education 1-6 or an approved equivalent. Applicants are required to provide writing samples on site. Additional application requirements are specified on the application form. Applicants may enter the program only as matriculating students. Students apply in the spring and begin the blocked program in the fall semester only. The Department holds several informational workshops about program requirements and application procedures. Interested students should contact the Division of Education for application deadlines and further information.Requirements for maintenance in program, certification, and graduation: In order to continue in the program, students must consult with their advisor once a year, maintain a B average, and receive no grade lower than B- in any course. Upon successful completion of program coursework, students are eligible for NYS professional certification in Literacy Education, B-6, and the degree of Master of Science in Education.

Course Sequence:


EECE 773 Families, Stories and Literacy. 3hr. 3cr.*
Students apply constructs from developmental psychology to consider how families shape the young child’s approach to language, stories and literacy while in turn being shaped by the child’s encounters with spoken and written words.

EECE 722 Language Learning in Cross-Cultural Perspectives. 3hr. 3cr.
This course examines the social and cultural bases of language acquisition and formal language education, highlighting the interrelationships between language acquisition and enculturation processes.

EECE 731 Teaching Beginning Reading and Writing. 3hr. 3cr.

This course explores how school programs can facilitate the development of reading and writing in the young child in ways that are consistent with current research and theory on the development of literacy.
EECE 780 Introduction to Educational Research. 3hr. 3cr.

This course examines basic principles of quantitative and qualitative research design in educational settings.

SEMESTER IIIEECE 801 The Role of Literacy Specialist. 3hr. 3cr.
This course is designed to provide the reading specialist with the knowledge, skills, and processes necessary to collaborate with other professionals in the school and community.
EECE 764 Learning the Content Areas in Multi-lingual Settings: Teaching and Assessment. 3hr. 3cr.
This course examines teaching strategies for multi-lingual classrooms. Students practice different methodologies in teaching mathematics, science, social studies and other content areas in the first and second language. Consideration is given to the evaluation issues related to language and content in the bilingual-multicultural classroom.

EECE 802 Teaching Strategies for the Literacy Specialist. 3hr. 3cr.
This course is designed to present the various techniques that the literacy specialist will need. It will prepare teachers to use their knowledge of literacy teaching techniques to meet the needs of individuals, small groups and whole classes.
EECE 803 Authentic Assessment. 3hr. 3cr. (Lab Fee)
This course is designed to provide the literacy specialist with the knowledge and skills necessary for the use of authentic assessment. Teachers practice classroom diagnostic procedures to assess, analyze, and provide instruction to enhance the reading and writing performance of students.

EECE 787 Research in Language and Literacy. 3hr. 3cr.

This course examines contemporary issues relevant to literacy learning in the family, community and schools. Students develop projects for the improvement of practices in homes and schools.
EECE 804 Standards-Based Assessment. 3hr. 3cr. (Lab Fee)

This course is designed to provide the literacy specialist with the knowledge and skills of standardized assessment. The teacher will learn techniques for using and interpreting standardized tests and become thoroughly familiar with specific literacy assessments. Teachers will practice administering standardized tests to assess, analyze, and provide instruction to enhance the reading and writing performance of students.

EECE 782 Teacher as Researcher. 3hr. 3cr.

Students integrate the work they have done in their Specialty program with
principles of educational research. Students prepare a culminating project for
public presentation that proposes and/or implements enhanced practice based
on the theory and research they have studied in the professional certificate

EECE 805 Practicum. 3hr. 3cr.

This course is designed to allow teachers to use all the knowledge and skill they have gained from their course work to work with children who are struggling with literacy. Teachers will administer appropriate tests, analyze these tests, and determine an appropriate instruction for each child.
Students can choose to take this course at any point during the program:
EECE 746 Non-Fiction for Children. 3hr. 3cr.*
This course introduces students to quality nonfiction books for children and
explores ways to promote children’s comprehension of informational books.



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