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General Education

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Approved Perspectives Courses

Perspectives courses teach Core Areas of Knowledge and Inquiry (RL, CV, AP, NS, NS-L, SS) and Global Contexts (US, ET, WC, PI), and are therefore taken by students early on in their undergraduate experience, before they complete 60 credits.The courses below have been approved as Perspectives courses as of 01/31/12.

Please note that this table can be filtered and sorted and that clicking a course takes you to the justification documents page for each course.

List of Perspectives courses being offered: Fall 2013 | Spring 2013 | Summer I 2013 | Summer II 2013|

Abbreviations and past offerings can be found below the table


       Approved Perspectives Courses

      A&HARTARTS 185: Contemporary Art in a Global SocietyAPWC
      A&HCMALEAST 250: Modern Chinese Fiction in TranslationRLWC
      A&HCMALHEBRW 150: Modern Hebrew Literature in TranslationRLWC
      A&HCMLITCMLIT 101W: Global Literatures IRLWCPI
      A&HCMLITCMLIT 102W: Global Literatures IIRLWC
      A&HDTDDANC 150: Introduction to DanceAPWC
      A&HENGLENGL 255: Global Literatures in EnglishRLWC
      A&HHLLSPAN 45/45W: Hispanic Cultures (in English)CVWC
      A&HLCDLCD 144: Language and Social DiversitySSWC
      MNSPHYSPHYS 5: Physics and the FutureNSWC
      SOCANTHANTH 101: Introduction to Cultural AnthropologySSWCPI
      SOCANTHANTH 103: Introduction to ArcheologySSWCPI
      SOCANTHANTH 104: Language, Culture, and SocietyCVWC
      SOCHIST HIST 160: Global History: World VTSSWC
      SOCHISTHIST 166: History and Memory: Global VTCVWC
      SOCPSCIPSCI 103: Introduction to Comparative PoliticsSSWC
      SOCPSCIPSCI 104: Introduction to International PoliticsSSWC
      EDUCEECEEDUC 105: Education in Goblal Times: Radical to Conservative AgendasCVWC
      A&HENGLENGL 153/153W: Introduction to the BibleCVWCPI
      A&HSPANSPAN 051: Hispanic-Jewish literature in TranslationRLWC
      SOCPSCIPSCI 238: Contemporary AsiaSSWC
      A&HCMALMES 160: Classical Islamic Literature and CivilizationRLWCPI
      A&HMUSICMUSIC 28: Introduction to World MusicAPWC

      Abbreviations used in the table:

        • AoK: Core Areas of Knowledge and inquiry
          • RL: Reading Literature
          • CV: Cultures & Values
          • AP: Appreciating & Participating in the Arts
          • NS: Natural Sciences
          • NS+L: Natural Sciences with Lab
          • SS: Analyzing Social Structures
        • GC: Global Contexts
          • US: United States
          • ET: European Traditions
          • WC: World Cultures
          • PI: Pre-Industrial

        General Education courses offered in the past
        : Winter 2013| Fall 2012 | Summer II 2012 | Summer I 2012 | Spring 2012 | Winter 2012 | Fall 2011 | Spring 2011
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