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Weekend College

Weekend College Courses

The table below indicates courses offered on Friday after 4 pm and all courses offered on Saturday and Sunday.

For more information on taking a Weekend College class, please contact the office at 718-997-4848 or via email by

    • All 3 hour classes have a 15 min break scheduled in them.
    • All 4 hour classes have a 20 min break scheduled in them.
Filtering and Sorting the Course List
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"Term" Codes
  • 09 = Fall
  • 02 = Spring
  • 06 = Summer
"Session" Codes
  • 1 = Spring and Fall
  • 4W1 = Summer 1 Short
  • 6W1 = Summer 1 Long
  • 4W2 = Summer 2 Short
  • 6W2 = Summer 2 Long
  • WIN = Winter Session
"Mode of Instruction" Codes
  • FO = Fully on-line
  • H = Hybrid
  • P = In Person
  • O = Online
  • PO = Partially on-line
  • W = Web-Enhanced

Program:   Year:   Term:   Session:   Days:   Start Time:   End Time:   
Mode of Instruction: 
  Subject:   Instructor:    

ProgramYearTermSessionDaysStart TimeEnd TimeModeSubjectCourse TitleCourse #Class #BldgRoomInstructor
UGRD2015021F6:30 PM10:30 PMHACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110158527PH212SOLARSH, EVA
UGRD2015021S8:00 AM12:00 PMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110158533PH116CHAN, JOSEPH
UGRD2015021SU8:00 AM12:00 PMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110158546PH121MINTZ, CHANA
UGRD2015091F6:30 PM10:00 PMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110162031PH212SOLARSH, EVA
UGRD2015091S8:20 AM12:00 PMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110162072PH116CHAN, JOSEPH
UGRD2015091SU8:20 AM12:00 PMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110162100PH204MINTZ, CHANA
UGRD2015021F6:30 PM10:30 PMPACCTIntro Theo & Prac Acct 210258565PH110BENJAMIN, RANJITKUMAR
UGRD2015021SU8:00 AM12:00 PMPACCTIntro Theo & Prac Acct 210258573PH116BENJAMIN, RANJITKUMAR
UGRD2015021S8:00 AM12:00 PMPACCTIntro Theo & Prac Acct 210258585PH110KHANNA, HIMANSHU
UGRD2015091S8:20 AM12:00 PMPACCTIntro Theo & Prac Acct 210264970PH110KHANNA, HIMANSHU
UGRD2015091SU8:20 AM12:00 PMPACCTIntro Theo & Prac Acct 210264990PH156BENJAMIN, RANJITKUMAR
UGRD2015091F6:30 PM10:10 PMPACCTIntro Theo & Prac Acct 210264936PH110BENJAMIN, RANJITKUMAR
UGRD2015091SU8:20 AM12:00 PMPACCTInter Acct 120164890PH112WASSERSTRUM, DAVID
UGRD2015021SU8:00 AM12:00 PMPACCTInter Acct 120158681PH132WASSERSTRUM, DAVID
UGRD2015091SU9:15 AM12:00 PMPACCTInter Acct 220265025PH152ZAPF, MICHAEL
UGRD2015021SU9:00 AM12:00 PMPACCTInter Acct 220258714PH117ZAPF, MICHAEL
UGRD2015021F6:30 PM9:30 PMPACCTBusiness Law l26163081PH112SEYMORE, JAVIER
UGRD2015021SU9:00 AM12:00 PMPACCTBusiness Law l26163085PH152STEIN, RANDY
UGRD2015091F6:30 PM9:20 PMPACCTBusiness Law l26165455PH112SEYMORE, JAVIER
UGRD2015091SU9:15 AM12:00 PMPACCTBusiness Law l26165456PH153STEIN, RANDY
UGRD2015091SU9:15 AM12:00 PMOACCTCost Acct30565100PH154QURESHI, ANIQUE
UGRD2015021SU9:00 AM12:00 PMOACCTCost Acct30558789PH114QURESHI, ANIQUE
UGRD2015021SU1:00 PM5:00 PMOACCTQuant Techniq Pln & Ctrl30658913PH114QURESHI, ANIQUE
UGRD2015091SU1:00 PM4:00 PMOACCTQuant Techniq Pln & Ctrl30665115PH152QURESHI, ANIQUE
UGRD2015091SU1:00 PM5:00 PMPACCTAdvcd Acct31165125PH110BALKARAN, DIANAND
UGRD2015021SU1:00 PM5:00 PMPACCTAdvcd Acct31161901PH110BALKARAN, DIANAND
UGRD2015021SU8:00 AM12:00 PMPACCTAuditing 132161995PH110KUMAR, VIJAY
UGRD2015091SU8:20 AM12:00 PMPACCTAuditing 132165134PH110KUMAR, VIJAY
UGRD2015091F6:30 PM9:15 PMPACCTAuditing 232265159PH130LUO, CHENG
UGRD2015091SU9:15 AM12:00 PMPACCTAuditing 232265160PH130RUTHIZER, SCOTT
UGRD2015021SU9:00 AM12:00 PMPACCTAuditing 232262017PH130RUTHIZER, SCOTT
UGRD2015021S1:00 PM4:00 PMPACCTAuditing 232262021PH130DIETZ, GEORGE
UGRD2015021S1:00 PM4:00 PMOACCTAcct Info Syst34162054PH012QURESHI, ANIQUE
UGRD2015091S9:15 AM12:00 PMOACCTAcct Info Syst34165163PH112QURESHI, ANIQUE
UGRD2015091S1:00 PM3:45 PMPACCTMicrocomp Apps Acct34365167PH212QURESHI, ANIQUE
UGRD2015021S9:00 AM12:00 PMPACCTMicrocomp Apps Acct34362058PH212QURESHI, ANIQUE
UGRD2015021S9:00 AM12:00 PMPACCTBusiness Law 236263258PH130KATZ, JEFFREY
UGRD2015091S9:15 AM12:00 PMPACCTBusiness Law 236265875PH130KATZ, JEFFREY
UGRD2015091S1:00 PM3:45 PMPACCTBusiness Law 2362W65998PH110SEYMORE, JAVIER
UGRD2015091SU9:15 AM12:00 PMPACCTBusiness Law 2362W65999PH114KIRSCHNER, DAVID
UGRD2015091SU1:00 PM3:45 PMPACCTBusiness Law 2362W66000PH204MINTZ, SEYMOUR
UGRD2015021S1:00 PM4:00 PMPACCTBusiness Law 2362W63149PH110SEYMORE, JAVIER
UGRD2015021SU9:00 AM12:00 PMPACCTBusiness Law 2362W63157PH012KIRSCHNER, DAVID
UGRD2015021SU1:00 PM4:00 PMPACCTBusiness Law 2362W63168PH204MINTZ, SEYMOUR
UGRD2015021SU9:00 AM12:00 PMPACCTBusiness Law 336363276PH112BIEDER, STACY
UGRD2015091SU9:15 AM12:00 PMPACCTBusiness Law 336365498PH155LINN, DAVID
UGRD2015091SU1:00 PM4:40 PMPACCTFed & Ny State Tax36765556PH130RUTHIZER, SCOTT
UGRD2015091SU8:20 AM12:00 PMPACCTFed & Ny State Tax36765557PH121LAHIJANI, RICHARD
UGRD2015021SU1:00 PM5:00 PMPACCTFed & Ny State Tax36763315PH130RUTHIZER, SCOTT
UGRD2015021SU8:00 AM12:00 PMPACCTFed & Ny State Tax36763320PH118LAHIJANI, RICHARD
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