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Adjunct Task Force
Summary of Recommendations

1) Provide a campus-wide orientation for new adjuncts.
2) Promote a campus-wide effort to consolidate course information, syllabi, and sample lesson plan.
3) Include adjunct faculty on departmental listserves, directories and websites.
4) Create a coherent, centralized system to assign rooms based on number of students and equipment needs.
5) Regularly track and confirm adjunct access to departmental and college office/teaching supplies, computer and copier access, and technology requests.
6) Partner with educational discount software suppliers to provide discount software.
7) Use adjuncts classrooms for e-reader and “clicker” trials.
8) Provide more adjunct workspaces by identifying and allocating currently underused resources that the college already has.
9) Provide lockers, lockable drawers or lockable file cabinets in shared adjunct offices and common spaces.
10) Confirm and track mailbox availability in all departments.
11) Provide small lounge areas with a refrigerator, microwave, tables and chairs in adjunct offices.
12) Create an institutionally recognized committee consisting of a core group of adjuncts who are available to address adjunct issues, questions, and problems.
13) Allocate a dedicated space to serve as an administrative center for the Adjunct Committee.
14) Actively encourage adjuncts to participate in departmental meetings and committees.  Allow adjuncts to vote on departmental policies and curriculum decisions.  Reserve a certain number of seats on committees for adjunct faculty.
15) Compensate adjuncts for student advisement.
16) Provide guidance and practical support for adjuncts to create and teach new courses.
17) Pair adjuncts with experienced instructors whose classes they may attend and with whom they may improve their own teaching.
18) Plan technology training sessions in the evening and weekend hours and make online training available.
19) Increase funding priority for funding adjunct-headed projects.

Last updated November 1, 2011. 


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