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November 15, 2012
Hello all,
This message is to address some questions regarding the faculty resource center in Temp 2.  (It's great to know there is foot traffic to the space!)
1.  No more attendants after this semester:
Several faculty members expressed that it is not necessary to have attendants stationed in Temp 2 just to open doors.  After the end of this semester, the attendants will be dismissed and the best way for faculty to get into the rooms will be using the swipe card system.  Hopefully this gives everyone more mobility in and out. 
2.  Please lock the door on your way out:
The wipe card was installed earlier this semester and many have confirmed that it is working.  Just a reminder: please do close the door behind you, especially if you are the last person in the room.  A couple of times I noticed the door did not lock.  If that happens, please call Public Safety at x75912 and ask to have the room locked. 
3.  Who has access to what rooms:
All faculty (both part-time and full-time) are given automatic access, at this time to Rooms 2 and 5 (more rooms are being requested; details to follow).  There may be glitches and exceptions, and you need a Q-Card to access the rooms. 
4.  What to do if your Q-Card doesn't work:
If you swipe your Q-Card and it does not open the doors, please request access by emailing Mr. Reuben Borrero (Security: Locks and Keys office) at and copy your Departmental office personnel. 
If you have any questions, please email me at
5.  What if you don't yet have a Q-Card:
Please contact the Q-Card office at x74240, located in Dining Hall 128 (in the back of the One-Stop Center).  The first Q-Card is free! 
For future updates, I will continue to post to the QC Adjunct Google Group, as well as on this QC Adjunct web site ( 
Your feedback is welcome if something works or doesn't work for you. 
Thank you,
Fei-Wen Pirovolikos

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