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2010-2011 Faculty-Led Projects

The following faculty were awarded UR/ME grants for faculty-led projects carried out in the 2010-2011 academic year.

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Project Title
Chemistry & Biochemistry Hersh, William New Routes to Oligonucleotide and Chiral Phosphorothioate Synthesis
Psychology Johnson, Ray The Cognitive and Neural Basis of Evaluative Judgments: An Event-Related Potential Study
Chemistry & Biochemistry Chen, Yu Development of New Synthetic Methods for Medicinally Important Heterocycles by   Palladium-Catalyzed One-pot Multi-component Annulations
Biology Dennehy, John Host-Induced Variation amnog Bacteriophages
Chemistry & Biochemistry Liu, Jianbo Experimental Study and Computational Modeling of Amino Acid Oxidation by Singlet Oxygen
Psychology Brumbaugh, Claudia Finding Mr. Wrong: Divergences in Mate Preferences and Mate Selection
Mathematics Wilson, Scott Integral Transforms, Partial Di
erential Equations, and Applications
Drama, Theatre, & Dance Hauptman, Ira Starry Messenger Production
Psychology Ranaldi, Robert The use of cFos/TH double-labeling immunohistochemistry to investigate the control of VTA dopamine neurons by reward-associated stimuli 
Chemistry & Biochemistry Samuni, Uri Protein Encapsulating Nanogels: Fabrication, Characterization and Applications
Psychology Storbeck, Justin Neural Efficiencies Created by Emotion and Cognition Interactions
Political Science George, Julie Building, Democratization, and Ethnic Politics in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Philosophy Donato, Antonio Philosophy as Therapy in the Ancient World
Biology Holtzman, Nathalia Understanding the cell behaviors that direct the development of the embryonic heart
Art Connor, Maureen Corona Studio: Experiments in Social Practice
Linguistics & Communication Disorders Ijalba, Elizabeth Supporting early-literacy and language acquisition among bilingual children in Head-Start 

UR/ME Logo, designed by Kevin Wong (UR/ME student participant, spring 2010)


 UR/ME Organizing Committee, 2010-2011

  • Kristin Celello (History)
  • Stephen Pekar (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
  • Dean Savage (Sociology)
  • Edward Smaldone (Aaron Copland School of Music)
  • Noura Embabi (Student, Linguistics & Communication Disorders)
  • Adesh Bajnath (Student, Biology & Neuroscience)
  • Eva Fernández (Center for Teaching & Learning)
  • Yasemin Jones (Office of the Provost)

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