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Linakis Leaders Scholarship

Linakis Leaders Scholarship

The John S. and Yorka C. Linakis Leaders Scholarship was created to honor the exceptional community service work of John S. and Yorka C. Linakis, long-time residents of Queens, NY. They were active in a multitude of community, civic, and interfaith organizations. In their honor, the Linakis Leaders Scholarship program has been established to provide yearly scholarships to Queens College students based on merit, commitment, and accomplishment in the betterment of their communities.

Linakis Service Leaders.  Queens College students, with outstanding records of both service and academic performance, are awarded $1,000 in recognition of their exceptional achievements.

Linakis Research Leaders.  Queens College students, with impressive academic research work that has direct and lasting implications for improving lives and the environment are recognized through this award.

“Leadership is not endowed by nature nor is it unique to certain individuals. It is not necessarily even the person who is at the helm of the ship, but is rather any individuals who offer help to a cause. They are leaders in this way because a leader is a person able to mobilize action, be it in himself or others.” (Moyagaye Bedward)



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