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Teach Online


With the widespread availability of Internet-based tools for teaching and learning, the mode of instruction is no longer restricted to face-to-face. The use of Internet-based tools can be an engaging and rewarding experience for both instructors and students, and sometimes even permits activities and collaboration not possible in more traditional modes. But teaching online requires instructors to re-think the way they organize their courses and the way they impart instruction and orchestrate assignments.

At Queens College, there are three categories of courses that involve substantial Internet-based technologies:

  • Web-enhanced courses: no scheduled class meetings are replaced, but some of the course content and assignments, as
    well as required or optional activities, are online.
  • Hybrid (blended) courses: Between 20% and 80% of scheduled class meetings are replaced with online activities or
    virtual meetings.
  • Fully online courses: More than 80% of scheduled class meetings are replaced with online activities or virtual meetings

If you're considering teaching a hybrid or fully online course, training and support is available through the Center for Teaching & Learning. Please contact us for more information.


Background for this Initiative

In spring 2010, we received a grant from the CUNY Office of Academic Affairs to develop a program that aims to expand the number of courses taught as hybrids at Queens College, and to provide sustained support for faculty who teach online.

  • A hybrid is a course that has a mix of online and face-to-face instruction; these types of courses are sometimes called blended.

The broad goals of this project include:

  • institutionalizing and extending an existing set of recommendations for teaching online;
  • understanding current trends in teaching online;
  • bridging the gap between student and faculty perceptions of the role of instructional technology;
  • disseminating what we learn from implementing this program, within Queens, within CUNY, and beyond;
  • developing approaches for assessing outcomes for student learning, faculty development, and institutional efficiency.

We have offered three hybrid bootcamps (in Summer 2010, Winter 2011, and Summer 2011), and have provided other forms of support for the growing community of Queens College faculty who teach online.


June 2010 Hybrid Bootcamp Participants

Hybrid Bootcamp June 2010 participants 

Seated, left to right: Rowena Li, Claudia Perry, Phil Lewis, Andrea Mosenson. Standing, left to right: Aasim Husain, Len Presby, Michelle Fraboni, Eva Fernández, Cynthia Lashley, Alex Moudrov, David Richter, Joann Miller, Amy David, (and behind them:) Terry Balkaran, and Mindy Miller

Not pictured: Nancy Agabian, Ariana Durando, John Furnari, Carole Rhodes, Sunghee Shin, Janice Smith, Karen Weingarten


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Rowena Li
Coordinator, Teaching Online Initiative

Jean Kelly
Instructional Technologist


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