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QPortfolio Checklist

  • Upload a professional looking profile picture
  • Fill out your Contact Information, making sure to set the privacy settings appropriately.
  • Fill out Research, Career, Internship and Academic Interests
    Write a Welcome Note as your Bio. Make sure to fill it with experiences that have helped shape you and make you the person you are today. You can include interesting classes you have taken or an internship reflection. This is really the space that you showcase who you are.
  • Add relevant website links to the Quicklinks section. Some examples can be your school or job website, an organization you’ve volunteered for or your blog.
  • Design a Resume. Try to avoid simply uploading your current resume and use the resume wizard so it can be showcased on the page.
  • Add something you are truly proud of to the showcase section. Perhaps a paper you wrote on a fascinating topic or a piece of graphic design that really highlights your skills
  • Add any Certifications you have received throughout your career. Have you ever received a certificate on becoming proficient in a specific area? Allow your employer to see exactly how well rounded and proficient of a person you are.
  • Have you ever been published? Written an article or published an Abstract? Use this location to show examples of your past publications. If you have a pending publication, make sure to specify so. 
  • Write regular thoughts about your job, school or life. Blogs give us an opportunity to view consistent writing thoughts and process on a regular basis. However, recognize this is viewed by potential employers, so a daily update on frivolous topics doesn’t necessarily paint the best picture.
  • Set up your access keys and link them to various aspects of your ePortfolio. Access keys, like Facebook Privacy settings and Google+ “Circles” are all about sharing the right information with the right people. You may for example want your phone number and email address available to potential employers but may not want it visible to everyone in your institution.
  • Pick a theme. Customize the color and appearance to make it stand out.

    That’s it! Your ePortfolio is raring to go. Continue to update regularly and customize! 


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