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Set up a group for your class or club

Groups allow people to connect in their own virtual space. Faculty can use groups to manage their courses online; clubs can reach out to students, coordinate their activities, and share resources. Follow these steps to get started with QPortfolio groups in Epsilen.

  1. Once logged into Epsilen, click on Collaboration in the left-hand menu, and then Groups. In the View Groups page that loads, click the Create Group button above the list of groups.
  2. Enter some information about your class group. We recommend that you set registration to Invite and Request: this setting allows you to control who is granted membership in the group, but allows students to request invitations. Take special note of the Group Name – you'll need to pass this along to your students.
  3. When you've finished creating the group, you'll be taken to the Group interface. You can tell you're in the group interface by the left-hand menu: the first button reads "Home – Groups". You can exit the Group Interface at any time by clicking Exit Group at the upper right; you can come back to the Group Interface by clicking Collaboration and then Groups on the main menu and selecting your group.
  4. The Group Primer – linked on the main page of your group – gives an overview of the communication tools that are available to group members.
  5. There are two ways to get students into your groups:
    • You can send invitations to each individual student, by clicking on Members > Invite People.
    • A less labor-intensive method is to assign your students to request membership in the group. After they register for an Epsilen account, instruct them to use the search tool at the upper right corner of the Epsilen interface to search for your Group Name in Groups. By clicking the icon under the Registration column in the search results, they can request membership in your class group.

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