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 Frequently Asked Questions


Introduction To QPortfolios

  • What is a QPortfolio?
    A QPortfolio is an online profile, an ePortfolio of your professional and academic journey. It is where you can post your resume, professional accomplishments, publications, blogs, and much more. It is an easy-to-use, dynamic tool for students pursuing any major and career.
  • Why should I use a QPortfolio?
    A QPortfolio is your resume for the 21st century. With a QPortfolio, you can showcase the many different aspects that define you as a person–something a paper resume cannot do. A QPortfolio also allows you to track what you have learned across courses and activities, giving you–and those you share your QPortfolio with–a more multi-dimensional picture of your skills and knowledge. You can also use your QPortfolio to share multimedia artifacts–audio, images, video, and more–not possible to share with a traditional resume.
  • Who can set up a QPortfolio?
    Any student, faculty, or staff member with a Queens College email address (
  • How do I get started with my QPortfolio?
    QPortfolios are powered by software called Epsilen. Go to and select “Click here for a getting-started tutorial for Epsilen ePortfolios at Queens” in the middle of the page and follow the instructions. Important: Use your campus email address ( to sign up.
  • I already have a resume; can I just upload it?
    Yes. You can upload your resume directly, as a PDF, which is easy to read in a browser. If you are not an experienced resume writer, we highly recommend that you use the template to create your resume. This will ensure that others view your resume instantly in a professional format. An additional advantage to using the online template is that it allows you to link to previous places of employment or education.
  • Where can I go for assistance with creating my QPortfolio?
    You can start by visiting the QPortfolio website at and browse our articles and tutorials. If you have further questions, we can help you by email or set up an appointment to help you in-person.

Customizing Your QPortfolio

  • Should I customize my QPortfolio?
    Yes, choose the theme that best speaks to who you are. Try to avoid using the default theme: Your customization will help you come across as unique to potential employers or to anyone else you share your QPortfolio with.
  • How can I customize my QPortfolio?
    Look under the “themes” section of your QPortfolio homepage, where you can adjust the various colors applied to your page. Further customization is not available, but bear in mind that your QPortfolio is already geared towards presenting your materials professionally and with a uniform design and layout.


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