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QPortfolio – Electronic Portfolio for QC Students

An ePortfolio (short for electronic portfolio, also called digital portfolio) is the virtual version of a physical portfolio: a collection of documents assembled for a specific purpose. In higher education, ePortfolios are used by both students (as part of course or degree requirements) and faculty (to assemble research or teaching materials). ePortfolios can also be flexible resources in institutional assessment of student learning.

A student’s QPortfolio might contain information about progress through an academic degree alongside samples of work (writing samples, summaries of projects, and reflections on progress) and discussion of future objectives.

A QPortfolio is your resume for the 21st century. With a QPortfolio, you can showcase the many different aspects that define you as a person–something a paper resume cannot do. A QPortfolio also allows you to track what you have learned across courses and activities, giving you–and those you share your QPortfolio with–a more multi-dimensional picture of your skills and knowledge. You can also use your QPortfolio to share multimedia artifacts–audio, images, video, and more–not possible to share with a traditional resume.

Getting Started with QPortfolio - Create Your Epsilen ePortfolio

1. In order to create your QPortfolio account, you must first activate your QC email account (Lotus Notes).  Activate your QC Computer and Email accounts if you have not already done so. 

2. Visit Epsilen (QC’s ePortfolio platform) and click "Join Now" at the top of the page.  Note: Please make certain that you use your QC email address when you join epsilen. 

3. Fill in as much biographical information as you'd like. You'll have the opportunity to add more information later on.

4. Before you can use your QPorfolio, you'll need to verify your email address. Open your Queens College email, find the verification email from Epsilen, and click the Activate link.

5. Choose a username, a password, and security questions that are easy for you to remember.

6. You can now log into your QPorfolio account at Epsilen. Click on "Log In."

7. Be sure to visit the Tutorials section of this page to learn how to utilize and customize your own QPortfolio.


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