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ePortfolio Frequently Asked Questions

ePortfolio General Questions:

  • Q: What is an “ePortfolio? 
    A: An ePortfolio is an online profile of your professional and academic journey. It is where you can host your resume, professional accomplishments, publications, blog and so much more. It is an easy-to-use, dynamic tool that is useful to those pursuing all careers and all majors.
  • Q: Where can I set up my ePortfolio?
    A: Go to and click "Join Us".  Make sure to use your .edu email address when signing up.
  • Q: Who can set up an ePortfolio?
    A: Students, Faculty and Staff. Anyone with a email address is eligible to take advantage of this useful tool.
  • Q: Why should someone set up an ePortfolio?
    A: An ePortfolio is a way to go beyond the resume.  A resume is limited in the sense it cannot give the full picture of you and your diverse skillset. An ePortfolio can showcase the many different aspects that define you as a person.

E-Portfolio Features:

  • Q:  Can I customize my ePortfolio?
    A: Yes, under the “themes” section of your homepage, you can adjust the various colors applied to your page.  Further customization is not available, but bear in mind that this is a professional tool.
  • Q:  Should I customize my ePortfolio?
    A: Yes, choose the theme that best speaks to who you are. Try to avoid sticking with the default theme though, many people do and you want to come off as fresh to potential employers.
  • Q:  I already have a resume, can I just upload it?              
    A: While it is possible to just upload your resume directly, to truly take advantage of  the feature, one should  use the template to create a resume. This will allow others to view your resume instantly in a professional format. An additional advantage to using the template is that one can link to previous places of employment or education.

    If you have any further questions please feel free to email

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