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Podcasting is the delivery of digital audio or video content over the Internet or from a local device. In the context of higher education, this can mean synchronous webcasting; you and your students are online at the same time and can have discussions in real time; or you can record a presentation and email a link, post it in Blackboard, or other LMS, including a blog, so your students can watch it at their convenience.

The Center for Teaching and Learning experiments with a variety of tools to contribute to our Teach Online project and invite you to experiment also. The ones listed below are some of our favorites.

Adobe Connect
Adobe Connect is a web conferencing tool which we’ve been using for lecture capture, content repository and delivery.

Selected tutorials on Adobe Connect are available without a subscription at
A quick start guide to Connect
Creating and managing layouts
Working with Flash video and MP3s
Using the meeting as a room

Additional tutorials:
Sharing PowerPoint presentations in Adobe Connect
Learn Adobe Connect - tutorials for beginners and advanced users
Adobe Connect for mobile devices

Once you have set up an Adobe Connect room, you can send the following link to your participants so they can check their connection:

Download Adobe Connect recordings
There are a couple of ways to download a recorded presentation or meeting from Adobe Connect:  

  1. To download as a zip file, add output/ (where “file name” can be anything you want) to the end of the Adobe Connect recording url. For example, if the original url of your recording is, add the additional characters and the resulting file will look like this:

    The resulting zip file will contain the files for the shared screen pod, chat pod, attendee pod, etc. If you made any edits in the recording, these files will not reflect them.

  2. To download a recording that retains the original layout and edits, go to your list of meetings, click on the name of the desired meeting, click on Recordings above and to the right of the meeting information bar, check the box next to the desired recording, and click Make Offline. This will download the recording in real time,  so if the recording is 90 minutes long, it will take about that long to download.

If you have any questions about any of these steps or if you want to set up an Adobe Connect account, contact Jean Kelly at

Screen capture 

Screen capture tools typically take snapshots or brief video captures of your screen. Some tools let you add voice over as well. These tools are great for creating brief tutorials. More sophisticated ones, like Camtasia, are good for asynchronous lecture capture.


Probably the greatest thing since sliced bread... Capture anything you see on your screen (static or moving pictures!), add narration, and share instantly.


Online screen recording tool. It adds visual hints to your cursor, making this a great tool for creating tutorials.

My Screen Recorder

Record your screen with audio. Relatively inexpensive. Windows compatible only. Read a review and download a free trial version here

Tech Talks and Tech Lite Talks

The Center for Teaching and Learning hosts a series of presentations on educational technology and pedagogy. Our recently introduced Tech Lite talks focus on specific tools or problems. If you've missed any of them, click on the podcasts link on the left for recordings and other related documents.

Repurposing your Tegrity recordings

We are no longer supporting Tegrity but if you have used it in the past and want to repurpose your recordings, click on these links:

How to Repurpose your Tegrity Recording in Adobe Connect

This tutorial will show you what file to convert and how to upload it to Adobe Connect.

How to Repurpose Your Tegrity Recording and Retain the Original Appearance

This tutorial will show you how to retain the components of your original recording.


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