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Health Professions Advisory Services

Academic Prerequisites

Health professional schools—such as allopathic medicine, osteopathic medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, and veterinary medicine—expect that applicants will have:

  • Academic course work in the basic sciences.
  • Familiarity through practical experience with laboratory techniques.
  • Documented volunteer experience in a hospital or medical setting.
  • Veterinary medicine experience with large animals.
    For veterinary medicine applicants, schools may require one or more years of experience with animals of different size.
  • Doctor/Mentor shadowing.

With some variation, a basic complement of courses that leads to the bachelor's degree is usually required for admission.

  • Two semesters of college-level English (English 110 or higher)
  • Two semesters of major-level* biology with laboratory (Biology 105 & 106)
  • Two semesters of major-level* general chemistry with laboratory (Chemistry 113 & 114)
  • Two semesters of major-level* organic chemistry with laboratory (Chemistry 251 & 252)
  • Two semesters of major-level* physics with laboratory (Physics 121 & 122; or 145 & 146)
  • Mathematics: Many medical schools require at least two semesters of college-level mathematics; most applicants complete a semester or more of calculus. There are several entry points for the math sequence, so plan your sequence with an advisor, keeping in mind your own preparatory background and abilities.

*"Major-level" means that the course satisfies the degree requirements of science majors. Survey courses designed for non-science majors are not accepted by most medical schools.

Some schools have additional required or recommended courses, and certain students have unusual academic histories. Therefore, be sure to research the specific course requirements of the schools to which you plan to apply. Medical schools list their specific requirements in the Medical School Admissions Requirements–United States and Canada, and dental schools in Admission Requirements–United States and Canadian Dental Schools.

Mock interview: Students should request a mock interview two plus weeks before their scheduled health professional school interview. The HPAS office will make every effort to arrange a mock interview prior to your health professional scheduled interview. 


 Office Information

Fall & Spring: (M-F) 9 am-4:30 pm
Summer: (M-Th): 9 am-4:30 pm
Science Building, Room B338
Phone: 718-997-3470

Director and Chair: Valli Cook
Pre Health Advisor: Mika Vesanen
Office Assistant: Helen Adam
Office Assistant: Xiomara Guzmanacha

Students should meet with a Health Professions advisor at least once each semester.


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