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Health Professions Advisory Services

Guidelines for the Application Process

GuidelinesA student should register with the Health Professions Office immediately upon knowing his/her interest in a health profession career, even as early as the first semester of freshman year. Once registered, the student should meet with an advisor of Health Professions each semester thereafter. Such frequent communication between advisor and student allows for a more in-depth evaluation of the student’s academic performance.

The Evaluation Letter

The Committee Letter of Evaluation is written by your College Health Professions Advisor.  The intent of the letter is to send a highly individualized letter of evaluation to the professional schools you wish to attend. The information in this letter is based on the following:

  • Your academic record
  • Evaluation letters from Queens College faculty and staff
  • Evaluation letters from health professionals with whom you have worked or volunteered
  • Information on the type of volunteer/community service in which you have participated
  • Information supplied by you in the mandatory personal statement and
  • A mandatory pre-letter writing meeting with an advisor of Health Professions 

For medical and dental school applicants, the mandatory meeting must occur between January 8 and April 30 of the year in which you will apply.

For students applying to other professional schools, the mandatory meeting may be scheduled between January 8 and July 28, of the year in which you will apply.

For veterinary medicine applicants, schools may require one or more years of experience with different size animals.

Timely scheduling of your final meeting helps to ensure that your Committee Letter of Evaluation will be submitted within the institutions deadline date.


Letters of Evaluation/Recommendation Forms

Evaluation/Recommendation forms for your professors, research mentors and/or health professionals are available in the HPAS Office. Request letters from your professors as soon as possible after completing a course with them. The evaluator should return the form in a sealed envelope to Ms. Valli Cook, Director, HPAS Office, SB B338, Queens College, 65-30 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, NY 11367.

You must print a completed copy of your application and bring it to the HPAS Office.


 Office Information

Fall & Spring: (M-F) 9 am-4:30 pm
Summer: (M-Th): 9 am-4:30 pm
Science Building, Room B338
Phone: 718-997-3470

Director and Advisor: Valli Cook
Pre Health Advisor: Mika Vesanen
Office Assistant: Helen Wonahuadam
Office Assistant: Xiomara Guzmanacha

Students should meet with a Health Professions advisor at least once each semester.


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