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Guidelines for Department Website

Guidelines for Department Websites

Department home page should include or link to:

  • Mission statement or brief description of department
  • One of:
    • Q logo with link college home page; or:
    • Header with Q, links to division, library, directory, search
      • Hosted centrally so individual departments don’t need to update it
  • Contact information (location, phone (with area code), fax, and email* if possible) for:
    • Main office
    • Other offices as appropriate
    • Chairperson
    • Department administrator
    • Advisors (undergraduate, graduate, other) as appropriate
    • Webmaster
  • People
    • Faculty
      • contact information,* scholarship, bio, cv, photo desirable
      • current teaching and office hours if these are kept current
    • Staff
    • Students, if appropriate
  • Academic programs, with description, admission, etc
    • Undergraduate
    • Graduate
    • Individual course descriptions – or link to college catalog entries
  • Scholarship/research activities (perhaps under faculty listings)
  • Events, colloquia, seminars, etc, as appropriate and if kept current
  • Date of last update
  • Size: < 50 kb, including images

All pages should:

  • Include a descriptive title
  • Be accessibility compliant, including text as ASCII, not as graphics, and Alt text for images
  • Provide a link to department’s home page (in most cases)
  • Warnings for specialized links, such as large files, audio, or video
  • Follow WWW Consortium guidelines

All pages should avoid:

  • Frames – instead, use Style Sheets or Includes for uniform look and feel
  • Features that require plug-ins
  • Complicated code
    • Use standard html, readable, formatted, commented where needed
    • Minimize use of Javascript and Java
    • Size: < 40 kb, including images
  • Schedule of classes – instead, link to registrar’s class schedule
  • Blinking text, animations

To foil spam crawlers email addresses could be in the form name-at-domain-dot-edu, with
mailto: link

Helpful Programs for Freshmen
  • Freshmen Five Year Initiative (FYI)
  • Search for Education, Elevation & Knowledge Program (SEEK)

 Freshmen Important Dates


 Freshmen Forms & Applications


 Office Information

Hours: (M-F) 9-5  |  (Sat-Sun) Closed
Bldg: xxxxxx    Room: xxxxxx
Phone: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Fax: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Staff Directory

Jane Doe
Director of [Office Name]
(xxx) xxx-xxxx 

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