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New Professionals Program




​To prepare Queens College’s best and brightest students to enter the job market through internships and permanent employment, thus enabling those students to participate successfully in the marketplace as representatives of the excellent caliber of the Queens College student body.




​The program is for students whose GPAs are 3.5 or higher. It is currently operational in the Business, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Journalism and Risk Management areas. The steps that must be completed to earn the designation of "Queens College New Professional" follow. 

New Professionals Candidates are required to:
  • Attend four of our Career Center's seminars, including those for Job Interviews and Resume Writing  [Candidates' resumes must then be reviewed and approved by our career counselors.]
  • Attend at least one special campus event featuring a speaker from the business community and attend at least one Queens Business Forum Breakfast
  • Participate in and "pass" two mock interviews [one by a "campus" interviewer and one by a New Professionals Program business "partner"/mentor]

Note: We also ask that all New Professionals Candidates and Ambassadors read the Wall Street Journal and New York Times Business Section daily.

As a part of their preparation, students are given additional instruction on:

  • Dressing appropriately for interviews for their chosen industries
  • Responding to questions that their personal resumes may raise in the mind of interviewers
  • Researching companies and developing appropriate questions for the interviewer

 Additional Program features/procedures

  • ​New Professionals Candidates [those who are working towards completing the program steps noted above]
    • Will create their own business cards/calling cards
    • Will work with mentors on issues that the mentors see as being needed to enhance the individual student's "employability" through [at minimum] monthly meetings with the mentor at his or her workplace or on campus - at the mentor's choice
    • Report briefly in writing on their meetings with mentors
  • Queens College New Professionals Ambassadors [those who have completed all of the steps to complete the program]
    • Will develop online portfolios [we have a system through the school called "Q-Portfolio"]
    • Will take the Career Center's online Personality, Career Preferences and Values Assessments to insure that their career goals are appropriately aligned with their personal strengths and values
    • Will participate in workshops offered by the New Professionals Program [through a seminar series] on specific topics as a "brush up" for their interview and employment tool kits. Workshops will include topics such as:
      • business etiquette and business dining etiquette
      • business meeting etiquette
      • appropriate business casual attire
      • effective networking and making "small talk" in business settings




 Office Information

Hours: M-F 9AM-5PM  |  Sat-Sun Closed
Bldg: Honors Hall    Room: 01
Phone: (718) 997-4720
Fax: (718) 520-7659

Denise Miller
Director of New Professionals Program
(718) 997-4720  
Open Office Hours: 
Wed 2PM-5PM & Thurs 11AM-2PM
Lechelle Thornhill
College Assistant
(718) 997-4720


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 Maks Abdulamov at the CUNY Big Apple Job Fair, April 2014

Discimus ut Serviamus: We learn so that we may serve. 
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"Quite Possibly the best group to join on campus! Not only has it connected me to tons of business professionals and influential alumni, but it has given me a chance to meet with like-minded classmates and professors to further my network!"  
Jamie Fallar

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