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Career Development & Internships


Before writing the resume and cover letter, and before the interview, the first step in your internship search is to assess your values, interests, skills, and accomplishments.  It is important that you be able to clearly articulate what is important to you in an internship and, therefore, help you choose an employment situation that is right for you.  You will need to explain your motivations and sell yourself in your resume and interview as “the one” candidate who is best for the internship.  To assist you, try to complete the exercises below and use the resulting information in your job search.

Exercise 1

List all of the things that are important to you in a job (i.e., monetary rewards, creativity, recognition, helping others, etc.).  Recall those aspects that you have expressed or experienced before, and how you felt about them.  Think about those tasks that you have not experienced but would consider.  Imagine a situation where you encounter those elements.  Why are they important to you?  What rewards do you derive from them?

Exercise 2

List what you’ve done: accomplishments at Queens College, volunteer jobs, courses, community activities, etc.  Allow yourself to write anything that comes to mind.  Don’t judge right now whether it was significant or not, just put it down.  Allow your thoughts to flow freely and evaluate them later.

Exercise 3

What do you really enjoy doing the most?  List those aspects/activities in your courses, volunteer jobs, work experience, hobbies, etc., that you have really felt good about.  Why did you like that activity?  What have you not done that you think you might consider?  What would you like to do on the job?

Exercise 4

What are your skills?  What do you do best?  Do not compare your performances to those of anyone else.  Use yourself as your only standard (i.e., I encourage people; I explain things thoroughly and with patience).

Now this information can be used in developing a resume, writing a cover letter, and selecting positions that meet your needs!

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