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Notices and Calendars

Guidelines for Scheduling Courses

Office of the Provost, Queens College
September 24, 2012

The guidelines below describe good practices in designating rooms, schedules, and mode of instruction for courses.  Following these guidelines will ensure a schedule that uses available classroom space efficiently and that facilitates program completion for students.

Time slots in assigned rooms that are not scheduled by departments will revert to the Registrar after schedules are submitted on Friday, October 12, at 5pm.

  • Departments and programs must schedule classes in the rooms assigned to them. 
  • Do not schedule TBAs.  If for some reason it is necessary to schedule a section without an associated room, please submit a request to 
    • Please bear in mind that TBA requests need to be flexible in course times; if space can't be found at the time requested, another time and the available space will be suggested.
  • For classes that meet in internal department space, departments should indicate which space is being used.

  • All courses must follow the scheduling matrix.
  • Departments should balance offerings, by:
    • scheduling courses both early (including offerings at 8:00 AM and 9:25 AM) and late in the day,
    • scheduling three hour evening classes with equal numbers of early and late sections (for example, the number of sections starting at 7:10 should be the same as the number starting at 4:30), and
    • balancing three hour sections on M T W or Th with another three hour course (for example, a Monday morning 9:00 AM -12:00 PM class should be balanced by a Wednesday morning 9:00 AM -12:00 PM class).
  • Departments offering courses which satisfy General Education requirements (English 110, Perspectives courses, Writing-intensive courses, Quantitative Reasoning courses, Capstone/Synthesis courses) should schedule these courses throughout the day and week so that students with time constraints will be able to complete their programs.

Mode of Instruction:
  • Courses that involve substantial Internet-based technology (synchronous or asynchronous) should be categorized as follows:
    • web-enhanced (no face-to-face time is replaced by online activities),
    • hybrid (between 20-80% of class time is replaced by online activities), or
    • online (over 80% of class time is replaced by online activities).

 Office Information

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Kiely Hall, Room 1103
Phone: 718-997-5900
Fax: 718-997-5879

Elizabeth Hendrey
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs




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