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Policies and Guidelines

Retention Time for Selected Department Records

University’s Record Retention Table, 2007, pages 60-61

Description of Record

Retention Time

Course listing created for administrative convenience, containing department list of classes

0 after superseded or obsolete

Course syllabus

6 years or after no longer needed by college or university, whichever is longer.

Grade book or listing including class number and title, location date and time class meets, student attendance, test grade, grade and final grade

2 years

List of students majoring in a field of study

0 after superseded or obsolete

Class Schedule including class title, location, dates, and time of meeting

6 years

Examination questions, completed examination papers and answer sheets, and term papers

1 year after course completed

Student evaluation of course instructor

3 years

Radiation use log including student name, date, film size, quantity, screen, and length of time in laboratory

4 years after graduation or date of last attendance

Records of hypodermic syringes and needles acquired for educational use, including records of need, purchase, inventory, destruction, loss of theft

6 years


See the full text of the new CUNY Records Retention and Disposition Schedule.

See the Table of Contents.

See the CUNY’s new Records Management Policy Advisory CUNY’s new Records Management Policy Advisory, issued 2007 September 21st.


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