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 Research Foundation/CUNY Updates its Time/Leave System--Major Changes

To further facilitate the prescribed usage of current annual leave within an encumbered appointment period, the e-Timesheet system will be modified to indicate that an employee is approaching the portion of the encumbrance period attributable to accrued annual leave. For example, if an employee earns annual leave at the rate of 15 days per year and has not taken any annual leave during a one-year encumbered appointment, the last three weeks of the encumbrance is attributable to accrued annual leave and can be charged only as annual leave. For several upcoming pay periods, a message will appear when a timesheet for that employee is submitted warning that the encumbrance will be limited to the charging of annual leave. Note that current annual leave, including annual leave projected to be earned within the current encumbrance, must be used in full before accrued reserve may be accessed.   
This modification becomes effective on January 1, 2016. 
Annual leave must be used by the employee during his/her appointed period. If any annual leave remains after that period, the PI must arrange a way to pay out the unused leave to the employee. Employees must be scheduled to take all accrued annual leave before their appointment end date unless other arrangements are made for its use or payment. To ensure the use of annual leave within the appointment period, project directors should meet with their RF employees within 30 days of their appointment or reappointment start date to schedule their annual leave during the appointment or reappointment period.
To minimize the accumulation of unfunded liabilities that result when annual leave is not used within the appointment period in which it is earned, the Research Foundation has been enhancing the e-Timesheet System with tools to assist in its scheduling and timely use.
On April 1, 2013, the e-Timesheet system was modified to segregate annual leave earned in prior appointments (accrued reserve) from leave earned during an employee's current appointment (current annual leave).
Accrued reserve is the balance of an employee's unused annual leave earned on any appointment that ended on or prior to March 31, 2013, on a project-sub by project-sub basis.
Current annual leave is all annual leave earned on the current encumbrance and is to be used within the encumbrance period. 
The enhanced e-Timesheet system displays the employee's rate of pay; the amount of leave an employee has earned to date in his or her current appointment, on a project-sub by project-sub basis; and the amount of leave that was earned but not used in prior appointment periods (accrued reserve), on a project-sub by project-sub basis. 
An annual leave projection tool also was developed to assist in the scheduling of all annual leave to be earned during an employee's encumbrance period.   
ANNUAL LEAVE CARRY-OVER FOR 2015-2015 IS LIMITED TO 175 HOURS (combined accrued and reserved).



New Compliance Requirements Issued by Office of Vice Chancellor for Research

IMPORTANT: New CUNY Requirements for Research and Grant Submissions

As per recent notices from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research at CUNY, areas of potential research misconduct–specifically, plagiarism, falsification, and fabrication–and the issue of conflict of interest have received increased attention from funding agencies. Following are new CUNY requirements to further support an environment of ethical research. The dean of Graduate Studies and Research has issued the following policy to all faculty. We will be posting this under Policies and Procedures shortly.  

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training

Effective August 1, 2012, all CUNY faculty, postdoctoral researchers, graduate and undergraduate students who will be involved in research-related activities, whether sponsored or unsponsored, must complete RCR online training prior to initiating the research; and provide a copy of the RCR online training completion report to the research integrity officer (provost's office at Queens College). In addition, principal investigators (including co-PIs) must provide a copy of the same completion report to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) at Queens College at time of submission* of an internal or external grant application, including PSC-CUNY and Queens College Foundation grant submissions. RCR online training is valid for five years and must then be retaken.  

Conflict of Interest (COI) Training and Financial Interest Forms

Effective August 24, 2012, the new CUNY requirement stipulates that “all investigators engaging in research related to any public health service (PHS) funded grant or contract are required to complete the CITI training in conflict of interest. In addition, a CUNY conflict-of-interest officer may require individuals to complete this course on a case-by-case basis.” PIs and co-PIs of PHS applications must provide a copy of the COI online training completion report to the conflict-of-interest officer (Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at Queens College) and to ORSP at Queens College at time of submission* of an internal or external grant application, including PSC-CUNY and Queens College Foundation grant submissions. COI online training is valid for four years and must then be retaken.

In addition to the COI training, PIs, co-PIS, and subcontracting PIs must complete a CUNY Significant Financial Interest Disclosure Form when submitting a grant proposal or being granted an award.

RCR and COI training is provided online via the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website at for accessing CITI training modules are available at

In addition to these requirements, we ask that all faculty become familiar with the export control regulations and procedures regarding research by looking at CUNY's Office of Research Compliance page on Export Controls.













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