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Queens College Public Safety Department Parking and Traffic Regulations

Parking on the Queens College campus is by decal only. Information on applying for and purchasing a decal is available at the Queens College web page ( or by calling 718-997-4443.
All vehicles must be registered with the Security Office in order to park on college property. Unregistered vehicles or vehicles parked in violation of the Parking and Traffic Regulations in this notice are subject to both ticketing and immobilization ("booting"). A $75 fee will be charged for removal of the immobilization boot in addition to the parking violation penalty for the ticket(s).

*Please note: Students/faculty/staff must park in their assigned fields.

Registration and Fees

All fees and fines quoted in these regulations, including New York City parking tax where applicable, have been approved by the college and the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York, and are subject to change without notice. Fees and fines are designed to provide a self-supporting parking program, including financing construction, maintenance, lighting, security, and administration of the parking operation.

Student Parking Fee Schedule

Fall/Spring/Summer: $250 (Parking for summer session(s) is included in the yearly decal.)
Summit resident parking
(Field 5): $350
Summit underground parking: $400
plus $25 refundable deposit for access card
Spring semester only: $125
Summer session(s) only: $125
Weekends per semester: $40 
(includes Friday after 3 pm, Saturday and Sunday only)
Motorcycles $160 Fall/Spring
Motorcycles  Summer only $80

Faculty and Staff Parking Fee Schedule

Full-time faculty and staff: $250 per year
College assistants: $150 per year
Adjuncts Fall/Spring $150
Summit underground parking: $400 plus $25 refundable deposit for access card
Spring/Summer $150 for full-time faculty and staff; $75 per semester for adjuncts
Motorcycles $160 Fall/Spring/Summer
(free if decal for car is purchased)
Motorcycles Summer (only) $80
Community Programs (CPSM, Choral Society, Athletics, etc.) $40
per semester
Speach & Hearing $50 per semester
Pass for card-operated control gates: $25 refundable deposit


Full-time faculty and staff:      $120 per year (September – August)
Part-time staff:                           $80  per year  (September – August)
Adjuncts:                                     $80  per year (September – August, summer included)
                                    $40  Spring only (exp. 5/27/15)
Adjuncts:                                     $40  Summer only (exp. end of August)

Students ride free with valid QC ID.       
 Faculty/staff only:
No refund after first two weeks of semester.
Must pay full price at the time of purchase; full-year sticker must be purchased in the fall.                

Faculty/staff full-year decal only: refund within first two weeks of semester or half of original price refunded
 after first semester by December 31.  
No prorated amounts on stickers for one semester after the initial two weeks.

No replacement for lost/stolen/destroyed stickers.

Validation stickers are not transferable.



Full-time faculty or staff and college assistants employed at Queens College during the parking decal period (October to October) are required to pay the full price for parking regardless of when the decal is purchased. New employees starting April 1 or later pay $125 (full-time) or $75 (college assistants). Faculty or staff who are assigned to Field 2/7 and do not find parking there may park in Fields 3, 5, 6, 14, or 15.


Pass for card-operated control gates: $25 refundable deposit
In no case shall these fees exceed $400 per vehicle per academic year.

Car registration must be in the family name.


The following regulations govern parking privileges and should be read by everyone who parks on campus.

Illegally parked vehicles that interfere with the movement of traffic, or those with excessive violations, are subject to immobilization. Owners are charged a $75 service fee for removal of "boot."

Parking on campus is at the owner's risk. The registered driver is responsible for the use of the vehicle on campus. The college is NOT responsible for loss or damage to any registered or other vehicle, its contents, or equipment. The fee provides only for the privilege of parking on campus on a space-available basis.


               1.    Students are allowed to purchase only one parking decal, for one vehicle.
2.    Decals are NOT transferable to other persons or other vehicles. Parking privileges will be REVOKED, without refund, for failure to    
                     observe this regulation
               3.     Parking on campus is at the driver’s risk. The registered driver is responsible for the use of the vehicle on campus. The college is not 
                     responsible for loss  or damage to any registered or other vehicle, its contents, or equipment. The fee provides only  the privilege of 
                     parking on campus on a space-available basis
4.     Decals must be for the current year and property affixed to the (Students) LOWER RIGHT SIDE OF THE WINGSHEID (opposite your 
                     registration and inspection sticker) and (Faculty/Staff) at the back of the rear-view mirror; if your decal is removed from your rear-  
                     view mirror/windshield, it will be void. Expired decals MUST be removed. DECALS THAT ARE NOT PROPERLY AFFIXED WILL BE 
                     CONFISCATED. Use of tape or any method other than that specified on the decal is not acceptable and shall be considered a violation 
                     of these regulations. Cars NOT exhibiting a proper decal or special pass from the Security Office are subject to ticketing 
                     and "booting," as noted above.
               5.    Replacement Decals:
Lost, stolen, or destroyed decals will NOT be replaced.
                     b) A replacement decal for a new vehicle may be purchased for $25, after the old sticker is brought to Security in Jefferson Hall, Room 201.
                     c) Lost or stolen control gate passes will be replaced only upon payment of an additional $25 fee after verification of loss by the Security Office.
                     d) Refunds are not made for an unexpired period for which a decal was issued, except to those who have paid for a second semester          
                         in advance. Claim for such refunds must be made no later than January 31 of the following year. Decals purchased for fall or spring 
                         semesters are eligible for full refund only within the first two weeks of classes.
                     e) Decals purchased for summer session(s) are eligible for refunds only within the first week of classes. 
6.    The map indicates field locations. Tickets are issued for failure to park in the assigned field or within the lines of demarcation. See the   
                       campus map

7.    Parking is prohibited on roadways, in loading zones, and in any area not specifically designated for parking. These areas must 
                       be kept clear for the normal movement of traffic, fire apparatus, and other emergency vehicles, college vehicles, and delivery trucks. Vehicles 
                        parked on roads or in fire lanes, or obstructing fire hydrants or crosswalks, or creating a hazardous condition are subject to   
                        ticketing and "booting." Handicapped spaces are reserved for those issued appropriate passes.
8.    Parking on or driving around the Quadrangle is prohibited. The areas in front of Remsen Hall, Jefferson Hall, Kiely Hall, and the FitzGerald 
                       Gymnasium are reserved for authorized vehicles. 
                  9.    Traffic signs and these regulations are in effect at all times throughout the year. 
                 10.  Parking regulations will be strictly enforced. Cars not displaying a proper decal/special pass or parked so as to create a hazardous condition   
                        will be “booted.”
A $75 service fee must be paid before the vehicle will be released. For information, contact the Public Safety Office at the Main  
                       Gate. (718-997-5911/5912) Gate. (718-997-5911/5912) 
                  11.  Vehicles are to be operated on campus with extreme caution and at NO MORE THAN 5 miles per hour. Pedestrians have the right of 
                         way at all times.
                  12.  A driver damaging an unoccupied vehicle is required to report the incident to the nearest Public Safety Officer, no matter how minor the damage. 
                  13.  Overnight parking (after 11 pm) on campus is strictly prohibited unless you have a Summit parking decal In an emergency, specific   
                        arrangements must be made with the Security Office or, after office hours, with the Public Safety Office at the Main Gate by calling 718-997-5912. 
                  14.  In the event of a severe snowstorm, cars that cannot be driven home should be moved, if possible, to the edges of the fields to facilitate snow   
                        removal. Drivers should avoid parking their cars on campus after a snowstorm until the fields are cleared. The Superintendent of Buildings & 
                        Grounds is authorized to restrict parking on campus during a snow emergency. 
                  15.  Drivers authorized to park on campus must obtain from the Main Gate a visitor's pass for the day if they want to park a car other than their   
                        college-registered vehicle. The granting of such requests is at the discretion of the supervisor on duty. Whenever possible, such requests should be 
                        made in advance to the Security Office (718-997-4443) so that the pass will be ready at the gate. 
                  16.  a) Cars with evening session stickers may NOT be parked on campus before 2 pm. After 2 pm, students who have evening decals may   
                        park in Fields 2, 5, 6, 9, 14, or 15. Day students must stay in their assigned fields. 
During summer session, students with annual evening decals must park in Fields 5 or 14 only before 2 pm. After 2 pm, they may park in   
                         Fields 2, 5, 6, 9, 14, or 15.
                        b) After 8 am on Fridays, students with evening decals are allowed to park on campus during the day in Fields 5 or 14 only.
                        c) No day students parking decals are sold during the spring semester. Students who purchase annual evening decals will not be permitted to   
                        switch their evening decals for day decals in the spring semester. 
                  17.  These regulations apply to the main campus, Kissena Hall, and all other college property off the main campus, and are in effect at all times  
                        throughout the year. 
Field 15 is usually closed on Fridays. If you have a decal for this field, when it is closed you are authorized to park in Field 5 or 14 only. You   
use the campus entrance (Kissena or Melbourne gates) to access Field 15.


Public Safety Officers and uniformed guards are assigned to reserve the parking areas for authorized vehicles. Drivers are expected to cooperate with the guards and to assist them in carrying out their assignments. A violation tag (ticket) will be attached to a vehicle if it is not parked in accordance with these regulations.

Penalties for violation of these regulations, subject to appeal as described below, are as follows:

Parking with no decal/pass: $50
Illegal parking in handicapped space: $50
All other violations: $25

Fines must be paid at the Security Office JH 201. Failure to pay a fine within 10 days will result in an additional penalty of $10. Failure to pay within 20 days adds another $10 penalty. In addition to monetary penalties, failure to pay after 20 days may result in cancellation of parking privileges, denial of future right to purchase a decal, "booting," blocking of registration and release of diplomas and transcripts for students, and disciplinary action. Faculty and staff members who fail to pay after 20 days may be subject to cancellation of parking privileges, denial of future right to purchase a decal, and "booting.''
Office hours of the Bursar during the fall and spring semesters are Monday through Friday, 9:30 am–4:30 pm; Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, 5–7 pm. Hours are subject to change.

The violation tag (ticket) with payment made out to Queens College may be mailed to:

Office of the Public Safety/Security 
Queens College, CUNY

65-30 Kissena Boulevard
Flushing, NY 11367-1597


Faculty, staff, and students have the right to appeal violations. Appeals must be filed online; go to www.qc.cuny. edu and log into myqc. Visitors who are ticketed for a violation may obtain an appeal form from the Main Gate Public Safety office or the Security Office in Jefferson Hall, Room 201.

Violations for "decal not properly affixed" or
"decal voided" must be resolved within 5 days by taking the ticket and the vehicle for which the decal is registered to the Main Gate for a supervisor to inspect. If your decal is observed to be properly affixed or not voided, the violation will be dismissed. After 5 days from the violation, your appeal will not be accepted, and you will be required to pay the fine imposed.
For all other violations, you have 10 days to file an online appeal. If an appeal is not filed within 10 days of the alleged violation, or if you receive a bill in the mail, you must pay your fine before you file an appeal. Sustained appeals may call for the return of all or part of any fines paid. If the appeal is denied, payment must be made within 10 days of the date of the email notification. Failure to pay the fine within 10 days after an appeal is denied will
result in additional penalties for lateness, and a Hold will be applied to your records.
Disposition of all appeals is FINAL.
Drivers transporting passengers to or from the college should drop them off or meet them outside campus gates.
Trucks and taxis may enter and leave through the most convenient gate, but must not drive on Quadrangle roads.
Visitors must obtain a pass from the Main Gate Public Safety Office and will be directed to authorized parking
areas. Approval for requests will be limited to available on-campus parking . Parking for guest lecturers and other official visitors must be arranged, 24 hours in advance, with the Main Gate Public Safety Office (online at with the make, color, and license plate number of the visitor's vehicle. (Faxed requests will not be accepted.)


Comments? Complaints? Suggestions?
You may contact the Public Safety/Security office at 718-997-4443.


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