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Strategic Plan

Stakeholders and Partners

Students, alumni, faculty, and staff expect...
To study and work at an internationally respected college | An education that prepares for a lifetime of challenges | Strong, supportive, and efficient services

Our community/city expect...
Our graduates to make major contributions to our community | To be sensitive and responsive to local issues

Our research sponsors/professional societies expect...
First-rate research that benefits society | To play a leading role in education and in society at large | To achieve individual and programmatic excellence


Students, alumni, faculty, and staff expect

To study and work at an internationally respected college

Queens College has outstanding academic programs in the arts, education, and the natural and social sciences; an exciting new general education curriculum; and innovative technology—all focused on providing a liberal arts education of excellence and value. The ethnic, linguistic, and cultural mosaic of Queens’s students, faculty, staff, and alumni mirror the remarkable diversity of the borough. With a faculty and a student body that look beyond local and national borders, Queens is dedicated to becoming a global institution renowned for its international reach and the quality of its teaching, learning, and research.

An education that prepares for a lifetime of challenges

We anticipate that our new General Education curriculum will be nationally recognized as a model that addresses the intellectual needs of students in the 21st century and prepares them to understand and contribute to a multifaceted and changing world. The curriculum’s innovative courses emphasize five major areas of knowledge (language and literature; the arts; culture and values; social structures; and natural sciences); provide perspectives on world culture, European traditions, and the U.S. experience; and address how disciplines pose and answer questions, fit in larger contexts, and use original sources.

Strong, supportive, and efficient services

In the near future Queens College will expand its already extensive support services. Below are a number of initiatives currently being planned: A Commuter Student Services program to encourage students to become more involved in college activities. An enhanced International Student Services and Scholars Program to help students and scholars deal with immigration issues and acculturate to the United States and the college. A Center for Social Justice and Multicultural Affairs to recruit and retain students from underrepresented populations. A comprehensive program to support faculty during all stages of their careers. An Employee Development Academy to help staff build job skills and strengthen their professional growth.


Our community and city expect

Our graduates to make major contributions to our community

We are proud of our alumni, who live up to our motto: We learn in order to serve. Since 1941 we have graduated over 100,000 students, 85% of whom make their home in and contribute to the vitality of the New York metropolitan area. Just to give a sampling of our graduates: Our accomplished alumni in the sciences include Kenneth and Max Kupferberg, who worked on the Manhattan Project during World War II, and more recently Dr. Elizabeth Neufeld, who won the National Medal of Science for her research on genetic disorders. Dozens of the country’s top organizations and companies have been led by our alums, including Nathan Leventhal at Lincoln Center, Warren Phillips at Dow Jones, Eugene Murphy at General Electric, Carol Hochman at Danskin, Robert Sorrentino at Bertelsmann, and Jill Barad at Mattel. Among our alumni with distinguished careers in public service are US Congressmen Gary Ackerman and Joseph Crowley, and Queens Borough President Helen Marshall. In the arts, of course, we are legendary, with comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Ray Romano, musicians Paul Simon, Carole King, and Marvin Hamlisch, and novelists Susan Isaacs and Alice Mattison.

The college to be sensitive and responsive to local issues

Queens College strives to serve all the members of its community, not just the traditional college student. There is something for everyone on campus, from busy parents who need places to bring their children for summer camp or enrichment courses, to retirees who believe that the best years of their lives are still ahead of them. The college support local entrepreneurs whose ideas and skills can make the borough an economic powerhouse.


Our research sponsors and professional societies expect

First-rate research that benefits society

The college’s centers and institutes focus on such global issues as economic development, the environment, health care, intercultural conflict resolution, immigration, and equity and access in education.

To play a leading role in education and in society at large

The Division of Education has the largest and strongest teacher preparation programs in CUNY and educates more teachers than any other college in the tristate area. We are working to make our undergraduate and graduate teacher education programs into national leaders that will be recognized for math and science education; their clinical model for educating teachers and other school professionals; their technology-infused approaches to learning; their collaborations with New York City public schools; and the quality and relevance of their research. The college plans to collaborate with local government and businesses in the resolution of such challenges as population growth, public education, land-use, brown-fields recovery, transportation, and economic development. The college is also expanding its already robust recycling program, moving toward becoming a paperless and green products campus.

To achieve individual and programmatic excellence

By being global in its reach, character, and focus, Queens College will develop an international reputation as an institution of the highest quality, benefiting from its location in one of the nation’s most diverse counties and in a world center of finance, communications, and culture. The college is also dedicated to the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our teaching, research, and service; we demand academic integrity among our faculty and students, and the highest ethical conduct by all members of our community.


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