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Strategic Plan

Strategic Enablers

Improving our effectiveness
Advance teaching methodologies | Increase research funding | Re-engineer our business process | Ensure effective and innovative use of CUNY FIRST | Become a nationally recognized leader in using clear metrics to evaluate and strengthen our programs and services | Advance our facilities master plan

Financial sustainability
Strengthen income streams and budgeting model | Strengthen the research infrastructure

Valuing and developing all our staff
Develop activities for professional growth | Create and recognize success


Improving our effectiveness

Advance teaching methodologiesFernandez

Build our Center for Teaching and Learning into a nationally recognized center for research on teaching methodologies that assists faculty in classroom instruction and improves learning outcomes. The Center will benefit from advances in the understanding of the cognitive processes underlying learning and new technologies for instruction. In addition:

Establish three rotating endowed Distinguished Teaching Professorships to conduct faculty seminars on teaching and learning within the next five years.

Ensure that our entire full-time faculty teach entry-level undergraduate courses on a regular basis by 2010.

Increase research fundingBodnar

Increase funding for scholarship and research by providing seed monies to faculty to obtain substantial grant funding; create opportunities for faculty to collaborate on research projects that will result in large grants; and increase the number of funded grantees by 30% over the next five years.

Re-engineer our business processCobb

Make all campus business processes – from human resources to student records, class scheduling to student registration, collections to disbursements – efficient, reliable, and user-friendly. We will review best practices at other institutions to design new processes and realize the empowerment of information technology, especially capitalizing on the CUNY FIRST (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation to incorporate these processes throughout the college community.

Ensure effective and innovative use of CUNY FIRST - Husain

Improve administrative decision-making by the use of robust, integrated, and timely data accessible through CUNY FIRST. Central to the achievement of this goal will be ensuring CUNY FIRST competency among staff in all business areas and training faculty, staff, and students in the effective use of CUNY FIRST.

Become a nationally recognized leader in using clear metrics to evaluate and strengthen our programs and servicesSchwarz/McAuliffe/Liang

Make learning outcomes and assessment an essential component of our culture by improving learning at all levels; this will involve defining clear learning objectives for our students, measuring student achievement, and using such measures to inform the allocation of resources for teaching and the distribution of faculty training.

Use regular surveys to evaluate the quality of services for students, faculty, and staff, making the outcomes of the surveys widely available on campus and designing and implementing programs to meet deficiencies – with the overall goal of achieving and maintaining an environment of outstanding support to faculty, students, alumni, and funders.

Measure how our annual resource allocation and budgeting processes support the achievement of our strategic goals and establish feedback loops to take appropriate corrective action.

Measure improvement in the quality of our relationships with our neighborhood and the borough and thereby design initiatives that will contribute to the vitality and strength of our community.

Improve our scores on relevant national surveys and develop specific plans to strengthen our ratings on such surveys.


Advance our facilities master planHenderson/Cobb

Use public-private partnerships to construct a new speech and hearing facility, additional science labs, a gymnasium, a black box theatre, a new facility for education, and improved facilities for continuing education.

Collaborate with business and government to build a parking deck.

Financial sustainability

Strengthen income streams and budgeting model

Increase our endowment and grow alumni support - Henderson/Dorf

Having successfully completed our recent $100 million campaign, begin planning for a new multiyear capital campaign with the goal of raising at least a further $400 million over the next ten years, of which at least one-fourth will be unrestricted endowment.

Grow alumni support by strengthening our outreach efforts, building more vigorous interest and attachment early on, and involving key alumni in realizing our longer term vision of the college. In particular, we will seek to increase the percentage of alumni giving by 25% within the next five years.

Offer new fee-based service and diversity revenue sources - Henderson/Aiello/Cracova

Offer new fee-based services--including career development programs that provide testing, counseling, guidance, and course work directed at career changers and marketed to Queens College and CUNY, among others--and thereby increase annual revenues from these sources to at least $5 million over the next five years.

Develop a new budgetary model - Hernderson/Cobb

Create an all-funds budgeting approach that reflects the goals of the Strategic Plan and makes our budget widely available throughout the college community.

Develop a rolling five-year financial plan to strengthen our capacities to build a strong financial base for the college.

Invest aggressively in our development capabilities with an eye towards increasing annual private funds, growing our endowment to support strategic initiatives, providing greater flexibility in meeting changing needs, and taking advantage of new opportunities.

Strengthen the research infrastructureBodnar

Strengthen and reorganize the research infrastructure to facilitate sponsored faculty research; support faculty research with patent, licensing, or copyright potential; and undertake fee-based entrepreneurial activities, increasing total sponsored research to at least $50 million annually over the next five years.

Valuing and developing all our staff

Develop activities for professional growth

Establish an Employee Development Academy - Medina

Establish an Employee Development Academy to create a gateway to training, development, and personal enrichment of our staff by building job skills, strengthening their professional growth, and creating a culture of continued personal excellence and pride of community.

Make the Academy easily accessible to all administrative, non-academic professional, skilled trades, and other staff.

Develop a career counselor corps of human resources professionals assigned to work with every staff member by building professional relationships to encourage professional development, identify opportunities for obtaining additional education, including degrees, and provide training in management and leadership skills.

Establish a President's Leadership Seminar Series - Muyskens

Establish a President's Leadership Seminar Series open to all staff that features presentations and discussions on leadership and management.

Create and recognize successMuyskens/Medina

Create chapters of such professional groups as our accountants, human resources specialists, purchasing agents, financial analysts, information technologists, administrative professionals and departmental secretaries to network, discuss common problems and coordinate training.


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