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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2013-2018


In keeping with the mission of the City University of New York to provide an affordable, first-rate education for students of all backgrounds, we will continue to embrace, leverage, and build upon Queens College’s multicultural, multilingual, transnational campus community. Embracing the motto, “We learn so that we may serve,” we will continue to ‘up the ante’ to provide students with an education that prepares them to be innovators, leaders, and enlightened citizens, support our talented faculty, and serve both our campus and local communities.



As we look forward to celebrating Queens College’s centennial in 2037, we see ourselves thriving and leveraging our position as a uniquely diverse and affordable institution of higher education at the global crossroads of New York City.

None of us knows exactly what the future will bring, or precisely what careers will present themselves, but we know the skills that will serve our students well throughout their lives. We will prepare our students not only for financial and professional success, but we will also inspire and enable them to engage and embody the motto of the College. We will support our faculty as both teachers and scholars and nurture an environment of creative inquiry where learning and research intersect. 



Our mission is to educate and prepare our students to become leaders and contributing citizens in our increasingly challenging and complex global society. We serve a socioeconomically and culturally diverse population, offering a rigorous education in the liberal arts and sciences within an intellectual community of collegiality and mutual respect. Our faculty are productive scholars, scientists, and artists deeply committed to teaching and the expansion of the frontiers of knowledge, who endeavor to hone their teaching effectiveness, research, and creative work. As the largest public institution in the Borough, we provide affordable access to higher education and embrace our special obligation to serve the larger community. We are an economic driver for innovation and community development through the arts, faculty research on urban challenges, and service learning and experiential education. As one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse campuses in the country, situated in one of the most diverse regions in the county, Queens College is uniquely positioned to further its founding mission: “We learn so that we may serve.”



I.  Weaving Transnational Connections

The extraordinary diversity of Queens College and its surroundings is one of the College’s greatest strengths. In a world that is becoming increasingly connected, the Borough of Queens continues to be home to immigrants from around the globe.  To that end, we will celebrate and nurture the exceptional diversity of our students, faculty, and staff. We will draw upon our global and local resources (among the most diverse in the nation) to leverage our vibrant campus and surroundings to provide a unique global education.

II. Launching Graduates into the Global Future

We will provide a firm foundation in the liberal arts and sciences that fosters excellence in critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills, and which encourages the adaptability and entrepreneurial sprit necessary to prepare students for successful and productive lives. We will fulfill our commitment to provide an affordable and valuable education through our own entrepreneurial initiatives to obtain grants, scholarships, equipment, and other discretionary funds.

We will continue to attract talented students from an ethnically, culturally, linguistically, and socioeconomically diverse population and help them fulfill their potential by providing a first-rate education, opportunities to excel, and tailored support services.


III. Nurturing the Scholarship and Creativity of Our World-Class Faculty

We will foster the scholarly and creative pursuits of our faculty by providing support, mentorship, and resources for recruitment, retention, and scholarship.

In our centennial vision, Queens College is an institution where students interact with and learn from world-class faculty and become involved in faculty research and creative activity. Our goal of fostering doctoral education and research requires that faculty research and creative activity be encouraged and nurtured. We recognize that the contributions of our diverse faculty are critical to our educational offerings and partnerships, and will ensure that faculty have the opportunity pursue their intellectual passions and build strong scholarly careers and reputations.


IV. Building a Campus Community

We recognize that Queens College must cultivate a campus climate that is both encouraging and stimulating, where students, faculty, and staff are challenged and supported to meet their full potential. As such, we will foster a vibrant, welcoming, and supportive campus community.


V. Enriching our Local Community

We will contribute to our local community by dedicating ourselves to research on the unique conditions, challenges, and opportunities of urban areas. We will enrich the community by helping to transform public education and becoming an economic engine, cultural center, and gateway to opportunity for the area.

We value our local communities as one of the things that makes us unique. The College is located in New York City, a global economic, cultural, and political center. The vibrant and thriving Borough of Queens is a fertile setting for study and creativity, and a rich resource for research in the sciences, arts, and humanities. We also enjoy the rich community of the City University of New York. Our centennial vision sees the College both benefiting from and giving back to all these communities.



To achieve the five institutional goals, we will target and measure activities in five implementation areas. Associated with each section is a more detailed plan that incorporates the work of five committees with membership from the faculty, staff, and student body as well as the faculty deans and other members of the administration. Implementation groups will be formed to develop five-year plans for implementing and assessing progress in each of the five areas.


I.  Increase our market share

We will increase our enrollments, with a focus on increasing transfer and graduate enrollments. 


II.  Serve our students

We will increase academic opportunities and improve our student services. The goal here is to increase our matriculation, retention, and graduation rates.


III.  Raise our academic profile

We will increase academic opportunities and external recognition of our programs, measured in programs developed, grants awarded, and research published. Our goal is to continue to hire and retain the very best faculty.


IV.  Improve our facilities

Our goal over the next five years is to double our endowment to $100 million. We will create a model program of faculty and staff development. We will put into place a Strategic Plan for ongoing renovation and development of our physical space.


V.  Make it work

We will link the Strategic Plan and its implementation to our budget and development cycles as well as to the need for internal assessment and external accreditation from the Middle States Association.


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