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Comparative Literature

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PEN World Voices Festival

Édouard Glissant: Everything Scatter, Scatter

Moderated by Professor Christopher Winks

Friday, May 8, 2015, 7:30 pm
NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò
24 West 12th Street, NYC

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The Comparative Literature Program includes courses taught by faculty from all the language and literature departments and from philosophy and anthropology. It offers students the opportunity to study literary texts in their historical, social, and cultural contexts. Courses frequently include works of philosophy, history, psychology, anthropology, and the cinema. They aim to help students learn to read and write critically, with greater pleasure and understanding.

Majors can prepare for graduate study and work in such fields as law, education, publishing, writing, and translation. Because major requirements overlap with those of English and the foreign languages, comparative literature is an excellent choice as one of two majors or as a minor. Although comparative literature courses involve study of texts from many countries, all are read and taught in English.

New Course for Spring 2015

CMLIT 209-01 (59210)
Slavery and Freedom in the Americas (3 cr.)
MW 1:40-2:55 p.m.
Kissena Hall 105

Prereq.: ENGL 110. Emphasizing the multifaceted resistance of enslaved people to the violent and exploitative slave system through which Europe and the United States achieved economic pre-eminence, this course takes a hemispheric look at the complex relationship between the institution of slavery and the rhetoric and practices of freedom, utilizing historical, autobiographical, and literary texts from North America, the Caribbean, and Brazil. Among the authors to be studied are Angela Davis, Frederick Douglass, Nary Prince, Toni Morrison, and C.L.R. James.


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