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Neuroscience Major

The undergraduate Neuroscience major at Queens College is an interdisciplinary 55-credit honors, research-based BA degree designed for talented students with interests in neuroscience.  Created by the Psychology and Biology Departments, the Neuroscience major is intended primarily for students who are very interested in getting research experience in the area of neuroscience.  Admission is by application only.

All Neuroscience majors must conduct research for a minimum of one year, and preferably longer, as part of their degree requirements.  All Neuroscience majors must submit an acceptable written thesis based on their research, which also must be presented in a public forum. 

This rigorous training in neuroscience research is designed specifically to make students more competitive for post-graduate programs in neuroscience-related fields (e.g., MA, PhD, MD or MD/PhD programs), or employment within neuroscience laboratories and companies in the private sector.


Figure Captions:
Left: Golgi-stained coronal section showing individual nerve cells in mouse somatosensory cortex.
Center: 128-electrode cap for monitoring brain activity underlying sensory and cognitive processes used during task performance  
Right: Nuclear staining reveals “barrel” structure in layer 4 of mouse somatosensory cortex, which represents the neural circuitry for the contralateral facial whiskers. 


 Office Information

Director: Ray Johnson, Jr., PhD
Psychology Department
Office: Science Building, Room A316
Phone: 718-997-3241

Deputy Director: Carolyn Pytte, PhD
Psychology Department
Office: Razran Building, Room 368
Phone: 718-997-4528


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