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Financial Aid

Aid for Part-time Study

(APTS) is a New York State grant program for students pursuing a degree on a part-time basis. It is money paid to the school for tuition only.


What are the eligibility requirements?

How do I apply?
How much APTS will I receive?
What does being in "Good Academic Standing for New York State Award Programs" mean?
Can I regain eligibility for APTS?


What are the eligibility requirements?

To be considered for APTS, you must:

  • Be pursuing an undergraduate degree as a part-time student.
  • Be registered for at least 6 credits, or equated credits (with at least 3 of these being degree credits). All credit-bearing courses must count toward your degree to be payable under the APTS program.
  • Be in good academic standing for New York State award programs.
  • Be a legal resident of New York State.
  • Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or hold an I-94 visa as a refugee, paroled refugee, or conditional entrant.

Meet the following economic criteria:

  • If claimed by parents as a tax exemption, or eligible to claim dependents of your own, have a total family net taxable income of less than $50,501.
  • Have a high school diploma from a U.S. high school, a recognized GED certificate, or receive a passing score on an approved ability-to-benefit test.
  • Have not used up undergraduate eligibility for TAP or other New York State financial aid programs for full-time study.
  • Be free of debt from a defaulted student loan that HESC guaranteed.



How do I apply?

  1. Apply for APTS by filing a FAFSA. (Be sure to indicate Queens College as one of your college choices.)
  2. Apply for TAP (see  You must also submit the New York State TAP application in order to be considered for an APTS award.
  3. Complete the CUNY supplement form located in your Self Service, Student Center on CUNYfirst.

You must complete the APTS application process by an established deadline in order to receive an APTS award. For important dates & deadline information, check our News section.



How much APTS will I receive?

The amount of your APTS award will vary from term to term, depending on the availability of program funds.



What does being in "Good Academic Standing for New York State Award Programs" mean?

APTS recipients are subject to the same good academic standing requirements that govern the TAP program (see TAP Progress Ch​art​). You must demonstrate program pursuit every semester you receive an APTS award and meet the academic progress standard every two semesters. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the loss of your TAP/APTS eligibility.



Can I regain eligibility for APTS?

Yes. You can regain your eligibility for APTS and other New York State award programs by any one of the following procedures:

  1. Combine two or more semesters' work, provided that only one of those semesters is paid for through New York State support.
  2. Be readmitted to QC after a leave of absence of at least one calendar year.
  3. Transfer to another college. There, you will be eligible to receive New York State awards your first semester.
  4. Apply to the Committee on Academic Standing for a one-time TAP/APTS waiver. If the waiver is approved, you may continue your studies without interruption of New York State program assistance. Waivers must be approved before the deadline given for each semester.





 Office Information


Location:  flirst floor of Jefferson Hall
Phone: 718-997-5102
Fax: 718-997-5122 

The Office of Financial Aid Services uses email as our official method of communication.  In order to assure that you receive all communications related to your application, please make sure the e-mail address that you provided on your application is correct.  Please add Queens College to your address book to avoid e-mails from being sent to spam folders.​

​Our Summer Office Hours from July 10th - August 9th are as follows:

​Monday Walk-Ins 9am-6pm
​Tuesd​ay ​Appointments Only
​Wednesday ​Appointments​ Only 9am-6pm
​Thursday Walk-Ins ​11am-6pm
Friday ​Closed Closed


College Codes
FAFSA College Code - 002690
TAP College Code - 1416

Our Mission Statement

  • NEWS
  • 2018-2019 - Important Dates & Deadlines
    • ​​Students who need to submit additional documentation for their 2018-2019 financial aid, we will begin to accept documentation starting Monday, April 23rd.
    • The Excelsior Scholarship application for 2018-2019 is available from 9:00 am, March 26, 2018 til 11:59 pm, July 23, 2018.

  • Spring 2018 - Important Dates & Deadlines
    • The Excelsior Scholarship application for the Spring 2018 semester was December 4th, 2017​.  If you first received the award in the fall term of the current academic year, no additional action is needed for the spring term.  
    • The last day to add courses was February 2, 2018. Your registration as of February 2nd will be used to determine your maximum financial aid eligibility for the semester (grants, loans and work-study).
    • February 16, 2018, was the last day to declare a major for TAP/APTS eligibility for Spring 2018.
    • March 2, 2018, is the last day to apply for APTS.
    • May 4, 2018is the last day to apply for a direct loan.
  • Fall 2017 - Important Dates & Deadlines
    • Th​e last day to add courses is August 31, 2017Your registration as of August 31st will be used to determine your maximum financial aid eligibility for the semester (grants, l​o​ans, and work-study).
    • September 14thwas the Last day to declare a major for TAP/APTS eligibility for Fall 2017.
    • September 29th, was the last day to apply for APTS.
    • December 8th, was the last day to apply for a Fall only loan.




 Applying for Financial Aid


 Useful Telephone Numbers


FAFSA Application Status 1-800-433-3243

FAFSA Technical Assistance 1-800-433-3243
NYS TAP Processing/Status 1-888-697-4372
Direct Loan Inquiries 1-800-848-0979
Selective Service 1-847-688-6888
Internal Revenue Service 1-800-829-1040
TuitionPay Payment Plan 1-800-635-0120



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