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Financial Aid

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

TAP is a New York State-funded grant program that helps pay the tuition of eligible full-time and part-time students. If you receive a TAP award, the money comes directly to the college for payment of your tuition.

What are the eligibility requirements?

How do I apply?
How do I know if I receive TAP?
I have been awarded a TAP grant--what does that mean?
How much TAP can I receive each semester?
How many semesters can I receive TAP?
Is there TAP available for part-time students?
Will TAP pay the tuition for my summer classes?
Can I get TAP for repeating a course?
What happens if I fail to meet New York State requirements for good academic standing?
Can I regain good academic standing for TAP?
How do I apply for a TAP/APTS waiver?
What are the possible reasons for being granted a TAP/APTS waiver?
What happens if I get a TAP/APTS waiver?
Will my previous use of TAP at another college affect my eligibility at Queens College?
TAP progress chart

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • To be eligible for TAP, you must:
  • Be an undergraduate.
  • Be a legal resident of New York State (that is, you must have lived in the state for at least one year prior to the first term for which you are seeking payment).
  • Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or other eligible non-citizen (see Financial Aid Eligibility for Non-Citizens).
  • Study at an approved postsecondary institution in New York State.
  • Be matriculated (enrolled in a program leading to a degree).
  • Be enrolled full-time, that is, enrolled for at least 12 credits*** or equated credits that meet the requirements of your curriculum/major.
  • Have declared a major no later than 30 days from end of the add/drop period in the first term of your sophomore year in an approved 2-year program or in the first term of your junior year in an approved 4-year program.
  • Remain in good academic standing for New York State financial aid programs by meeting academic progress standards and demonstrating program pursuit each semester you receive TAP (see the TAP progress chart).
  • Have at least a cumulative "C" average after receipt of two annual payments.
  • Be charged at least $200 tuition per year.
  • Meet income eligibility limitations.
  • Have a high school diploma from a U.S. high school, a recognized GED certificate, or receive a passing score on an approved ability-to-benefit test as defined by the commissioner of the State Education Department.
  • Must not be in default on any state or federal student loan.

***Up to the equivalent of six semester hours in remedial, noncredit study can be included as part of the minimum semester full-time course load, except that in the first semester of postsecondary study, a student's minimum full-time course load need include only three semester hours of credit-bearing coursework.


How do I apply?

Follow the instructions on our How to Apply page. If you are transferring to or from Queens College after having applied for TAP for the current award year, you should remember to change your TAP college code at TAP on the Web so that your TAP award follows you to your new school.


How do I know if I receive TAP?

You will receive an email directing you to the HESC website to view information about the status of your TAP award. Your school will receive information on a roster listing students that have received an award for attendance at that school. The school must verify your eligibility and certify your award.

If you have not heard about TAP after six to eight weeks, you may use HESC’s TAP application status check.


I have been awarded a TAP grant--what does that mean?

HESC issues an award to every applicant who meets the eligibility criteria for TAP, as reflected by a correctly completed application, and meets the income eligibility for the program. However, before a TAP award can be credited to your Queens College tuition bill for any given semester, the college will first determine whether or not you meet all eligibility requirements for the award. If you do not meet one or more of the school-based criteria for TAP eligibility, you will not be able to use your TAP award for that term.


How much TAP or PTAP can I receive each semester?

The amount of TAP you receive depends on your family income, the number of family members attending college full-time, the number of semesters you have received TAP, and the size of the annual appropriation for the program. Maximum TAP awards can be equal to but not greater than the full tuition charge at Queens College. State budgetary restrictions can further limit TAP awards to a portion of your tuition. A PTAP award will be based on your part-time credit load and will be calculated as a proportional fraction of the normal full-time TAP award.


For how many semesters can I receive TAP?

You may receive TAP for up to eight semesters (or the equivalent) as an undergraduate student. You will be limited to eight semesters of TAP even if you change majors or transfer to another college.

If you are enrolled in SEEK, you may receive up to 10 semesters (or the equivalent) of TAP as an undergraduate.


Is there TAP available for part-time students?

Yes, you may be eligible for PTAP. You must be enrolled part-time in at least 6 but fewer than 12 equated credits. To receive part-time TAP (or PTAP), you must have earned 24 credits in the two consecutive semesters immediately preceding the term for which you request your first PTAP payment. You must also have at least a 2.0 GPA. PTAP will be available only to students who were first-time freshman in fall 2006 or later.


Will TAP pay the tuition for my summer classes?

Yes, if you meet certain requirements. First, you must file a TAP application on the web and request payment for the summer term. In order to calculate your award eligibility, all periods of summer attendance will be added together to form a single summer term.

To be considered for summer TAP, students must add QC TAP code (1416) to the summer field on the TAP application.

To be eligible for TAP for summer sessions,

  • Students must have been registered at Queens College for both the fall and spring semester prior to the summer session.
  • Students must have earned a minimum of 24 credits applicable to the degree during the prior two semesters and have been full-time in the spring semester immediately prior to the summer. Please note: The equivalent of 3-credit remedial hours per semester may be included toward the 24-credit requirement.
  • Students must formally declare their major with the Registrar's Office before summer classes begin if they will have 60 credits towards their degree.
    Students enrolled for 12 or more credits in Sessions 1S, 1L, 2S, and/or 2L will use a full-semester award, and those enrolled for 6 to 11 credits will use half a semester's TAP eligibility.

Students on permit to QC can be certified for TAP only at their home school within New York State.

These requirements are in addition to the standard eligibility requirements for the TAP program.


Can I get TAP for repeating a course?

If you repeat a course that you previously passed, you may not count the repeated course toward full-time enrollment for TAP purposes. This means that in order to receive TAP in a semester when you may be repeating a course you passed previously, you must have, in addition to the repeated course, at least 12 credits or equated credits of non-repeated courses.

Remember that for TAP purposes, all courses that make up your minimum 12 credit full-time enrollment must count for your degree.

A repeated course that you previously failed may be counted toward full-time enrollment for TAP purposes.


What happens if I fail to meet New York State requirements for good academic standing?

If you do not meet the New York State good academic standing requirements in any semester you receive TAP, you will lose your eligibility for TAP, PTAP, APTS, and other New York State award programs. Further payments of these awards to you will be stopped.


Can I regain good academic standing for TAP?

Yes. You can regain good academic standing and restore your eligibility for New York State award programs by any one of the following procedures:

  • Combine two or more semesters’ work, provided that only one of those semesters is paid for through New York State support.
  • Be readmitted to Queens College after a leave of absence of at least one calendar year.
  • Transfer to another college. There, you will be eligible to receive New York State awards your first semester.
  • Apply to the College Counseling and Resource Center for a one-time TAP/APTS waiver. If the waiver is approved, you may continue your studies without interruption of New York State program assistance.


How do I apply for a TAP/APTS waiver?

If you feel you may be eligible for a TAP/APTS waiver, you must follow the following instructions:

  • Obtain a TAP/APTS waiver application at the College Counseling and Resource Center, located on the first floor of Frese Hall.
  • Make an appointment to meet with a professional counselor to discuss your application.
  • You will be required to submit a written explanation of your circumstances with your application, as well as documentation pertaining to the circumstances for your waiver.
  • After your request has been acted upon by the committee, you will be notified of the action taken on your case by means of a letter sent to your home address.


What are the possible reasons for being granted a TAP/APTS waiver?

  • Personal illness involving either hospitalization or extended home confinement under a physician's supervision.
  • Illness in the immediate family (of origin or generation) forcing you to be absent from class for an extended period.
  • Emotionally disabling conditions which force you to miss class for an extended period.
  • Changing work conditions beyond your control and upon which you or your family must depend forcing you to leave classes.
  • Inability to attend classes because of military duty orders, temporary incarceration, or other involvement with agencies of government (local, state or federal).


What happens if I get a TAP/APTS waiver?

If you are granted a TAP/APTS waiver, you can continue to be eligible for New York State tuition assistance for that semester only. To remain eligible in any following semester, you must again begin to meet the academic progress and program pursuit requirements as stated in the TAP progress chart for the payment indicated. Remember: You may be granted a waiver from the New York State academic standing requirements only once!


Will my previous use of TAP affect my eligibility at Queens College?

Yes. First, you cannot receive more than 6 semesters of TAP as an associate degree student and 8 semesters as a BA degree student regardless of the number of schools you attend. Also, if you received TAP previously at any other college or postsecondary institution, you must have at least 6 degree credits as part of your full-time course load at this college. If you must take remedial courses at Queens College after having used TAP elsewhere, you must plan your program carefully to meet the TAP 6-degree credit enrollment requirement.




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College Codes
FAFSA College Code - 002690
TAP College Code - 1416

  • NEWS
  • ​Fall 2016 - Important Dates & Deadlines
  • Last day to submit a Fall ONLY loan is Monday, December 5, 2016.
  • URGENT Th​e last day to add courses is August 31st, 2016Your registration as of August 31st will be used to determine your maximum financial aid eligibility for the semester (grants, l​o​ans, and workstudy).
  • September 14th​ is the Last day to declare a major for TAP/APTS eligibility for Fall 2016​
  • October 1st is the last day to apply for APTS.


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 Applying for Financial Aid


 Useful Telephone Numbers


FAFSA Application Status 1-800-433-3243

FAFSA Technical Assistance 1-800-433-3243
NYS TAP Processing/Status 1-888-697-4372
Direct Loan Inquiries 1-800-848-0979
Selective Service 1-847-688-6888
Internal Revenue Service 1-800-829-1040
TuitionPay Payment Plan 1-800-635-0120


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