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Applying for Aid

Applying for Financial Aid

Remember - File every academic year and FILE EARLY on the correct year's application!

Applications for federal and New York State aid (including grants, work, and loans) must be filed each academic year. File *** in the Spring *** for aid for the following summer, fall, and spring semesters.

Our priority filing deadline
is usually mid-April (just after the federal tax filing deadline) prior to the new academic year.

Applications are available now for academic year 2014-2015 (Summer 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2015). If you have all the information you need, don't wait.
File early so you can be awarded all the aid for which you might be eligible and you can plan.
In addition to the federal and state deadlines for completing an application, there are deadlines related to any federal aid for which you might otherwise be eligible. Examples include but are not limited to those related to attendance, when your application information gets to CUNY, continued enrollment, end of the semester, grades. There are also program-specific deadlines. Be aware that some aid programs available through us are awarded CUNY-wide from limited federal funding given to the university for that program; when the funds are fully committed to students, nothing remains for later applicants. For some sources of aid, this can happen in the spring PRIOR to the new academic year. 
Get and Use Your Federal PIN
You (and one of your parents, if you have to file as a DEPENDENT STUDENT) should get a federal personal identification number, or PIN, and use your PINs to sign your FAFSA electronically. Request a PIN at You will be able to view your PIN instantly online or have it sent to you immediately by email.

File a FAFSA - FREE on the FAFSA Website
Start the process of applying for most types of federal financial aid by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). ** DO NOT go to other websites that require payment for your FAFSA filing, and DO NOT pay anyone to complete your FAFSA for you. ** The U.S. Department of Education strongly recommends that students and families use FAFSA on the web to apply for federal student aid. Electronic filing is the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way for you to apply. The FAFSA website guides you through the questions you need to answer and stops you if you miss a required item or enter an invalid answer. This system helps insure that your application is completed properly. Answer each question carefully and check any needed documentation first.

Sign in using your federal financial aid PIN.

Be sure to select and file the correct year's FAFSA on the web.

Use the correct year's income for that application. Applications for 2014-2015 require 2013 income information.

Collect all necessary information before starting the application process. This includes your and your parents' tax returns, W2 forms, records of untaxed income, asset information, date of birth, Social Security numbers.

Answer all questions carefully, don't guess at the answers, and don't leave any blanks.

Use the CHAT and HELP features on each page to clarify if you're not sure what you should enter where.

Transfer Students
If you have already applied for financial aid for the current academic year, check both your FAFSA and TAP applications to make sure that you have selected Queens College as a school of choice, so that we may process your aid information. The federal college code for the FAFSA is 002690. The college code for the TAP application is 1416. Aid does not automatically transfer from school to school, and processes completed with one school may need to be taken care of again with us.

Some Aid Programs Require Additional Application Steps
Note that to request aid under some of our programs, you must complete additional steps. See our main page for detailed information.

Can I File Using Paper Applications?
We and the federal government strongly discourage you from using a paper FAFSA. The web filing process can make applying more accurate, as well as faster and easier. There is NO paper TAP application. HOWEVER, you may apply for federal financial aid by completing and mailing a paper FAFSA. Information and downloads for paper filing is available at Initial processing of a mailed paper FAFSA is slow--it can take four to six weeks before CUNY receives any information about you.

Make sure that Queens College [federal school code 002690] is listed among your college choices in the Releases and Signatures portion of the FAFSA application.

Your TAP application will still have to be completed on the web. After your paper FAFSA is processed, you will be sent an email or postcard with a link to a TAP on the web application. When you are filling it out, check to see that Queens College [TAP school code 1416] is listed as your college of choice.



 Office Information

Office Hours:
Mondays - Thursdays: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 
Fridays: Closed
Location: 202 Jefferson Hall
Phone: 718-997-5102
Fax: 718-997-5122 

Assistance with the aid process is available in the One Stop Service Center in the Dining Hall. For more on the One Stop, visit

College Codes
FAFSA College Code - 002690
TAP College Code - 1416

  • NEWS
  • ​Spring 2017 - Important Date & Deadlines 
    • The last day to add courses is February 5, 2017. Your registration as of February 5th will be used to determine your maximum financial aid eligibility for the semester (grants, loans and work-study).

    • February 21st, is the last day to declare a major for TAP/APTS eligibility for Spring 2017.

    • March 6th, is the last day to apply for APTS.

    • April 27th, is the last day to apply for a Direct Loan.


  • Fall 2016 - Important Dates & Deadlines
    • Last day to submit a Fall ONLY loan is Monday, December 5, 2016.
    • URGENT Th​e last day to add courses is August 31st, 2016Your registration as of August 31st will be used to determine your maximum financial aid eligibility for the semester (grants, l​o​ans, and work-study).
    • September 14th​ is the Last day to declare a major for TAP/APTS eligibility for Fall 2016​
    • October 1st is the last day to apply for APTS.



​​​​​​​​​​​ ​

 Applying for Financial Aid


 Useful Telephone Numbers


FAFSA Application Status 1-800-433-3243

FAFSA Technical Assistance 1-800-433-3243
NYS TAP Processing/Status 1-888-697-4372
Direct Loan Inquiries 1-800-848-0979
Selective Service 1-847-688-6888
Internal Revenue Service 1-800-829-1040
TuitionPay Payment Plan 1-800-635-0120


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