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Transfer Students

Welcome to our new transfer students! 

We want to help you avoid problems with your aid. 

Our financial aid, billing, and registration procedures may be different from those at your previous school.  For example, aid documentation and additional applications submitted to your previous college may have to be submitted to us as well.  Please read all information from the college carefully.  Ask us first - don't assume anything!

We hope this summary information especially for transfers is helpful. See also our more detailed information about financial aid.


* QCC is the one CUNY campus on full CUNYFIRST financial aid, and this is the first mid year transfer process to handle transfers from full cunyfirst financial aid to any school with partial cunyfirst.

* IF YOU WERE AWARDED WORK-STUDY, PERKINS LOAN, SEOG at QCC for the full academic year, please check back soon.  We do not have the information yet to properly advise you about what you need to do.

* For all other aid, follow instructions below.

FOR ALL NEW TRANSFER STUDENTS to Quens College - to be done HERE at QC
* Activate your Queens College email account, and be sure it is the default on your CUNYFirst account.  Many college offices use this as in important way to communicate with you.

* Be sure you're not retaking a course for which you're getting transfer credit.  Repeats can be a problem for your aid.

* Formally Declare Your Majors / Minors ---If you are nearing 60 credits, or see courses you're currently taking under NOT NEEDED in your degreeworks audit, declare your major(s) / minors * immediately * with your academic department and the Registrar's Office. Use the form available from the Registrar's Office FORMS page and follow the procedure / semester decldeadlines outlined by Registrar. New York State aid requires you to formally declare your major before you reach your 60th credit, courses that appears as NOT NEEDED don't count toward your credits needed for NYS aid eligibility.  Don't risk losing financial aid!

* Check requirements for any merit scholarships and other outside assistance you may have. Some programs require you to file the FAFSA and/or the TAP application annually.

* See our website for resources on finding outside scholarships.

* Change your TAP college code to 1416 at if you filed for TAP but used a code for a non-CUNY school. If you will be part-time, be sure to complete the CUNY TAP/APTS Supplement as soon as you receive it.
* ADD Queens College's FAFSA CODE 002690 to your list of FAFSA colleges on the free FAFSA web site.
* If there is any documentation needed related to your FAFSA, be sure to bring it to us immediately - even if you already documented everything that was requested with your prior school.

* See a counselor in the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible to learn what you need to do to assure that your aid will flow smoothly at QC. Most aid awarded at another CUNY college can be transferred to QC. Some aid awarded at non-CUNY colleges does NOT transfer.

* If you will need loans, follow our loan application and related procedures.

* Students awarded Federal Work-Study at another CUNY college for the current year must follow instructions about placement through QC.

* If you were a CD or SEEK student at your prior CUNY college, be sure your prior school mailed the Special Programs Transfer Request Form to QC.

* BEFORE you pay, talk to us if aid you expect to appear on your bill does not appear there.

* Follow all of Bursar's due dates, payment instructions and deadlines carefully. Also follow refund schedule dates if you want to drop any courses.

* Keep your grades up, and complete all your courses. In addition to the college's standards, there are aid-related standards that can affect your continued receipt of aid, and could also require you to repay some of the aid you already received.



FOR ALL AID TRANSFER STUDENTS  --- To Be Done At Your Old School

* Follow all instructions from your old school.

* Officially drop courses you may have registered for
but won't be taking at your old school, in accordance with its instructions. Don't wind up with two tuition bills!

* Cancel any Direct Loans taken at the other school for the part of the award period you will be attending Queens College.

* Be sure to keep track of all loans from previous schools. Take care of any needed loan exit interviews in accordance with the procedures at your old school. Check for information about all loans actually received for attendance at all schools.

 Office Information

Office Hours:
Mondays - Thursdays: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Fridays: Closed
Location: 202 Jefferson Hall
Phone: 718-997-5102
Fax: 718-997-5122 

Assistance with the aid process is available in the One Stop Service Center in the Dining Hall. For more on the One Stop, visit

College Codes
FAFSA College Code - 002690
TAP College Code - 1416

  • NEWS
  • Spring 2016 -​ Important Dates & Deadlines
  • *ATTENTION* Last Day to apply for a Direct Loan Application for academic year 2015-2016 is Friday, April 29th.

  • URGENT - Th​e last day to add courses is February 4th. Your registration as of February 4th will be used to determine your maximum financial aid eligibility for the semester (grants, l​o​ans, and workstudy).
  • February 18th​ is the Last day to declare a major for TAP/APTS eligibility for Spring 2016
  • Aid for Part-Time Study (APTS) Deadline is March 5th, 2016
  • Fall 2​015-​ Important Dates & Deadlines ​
  • URGENT - Th​e last day to add courses is September 2nd. Your registration as of September 2nd will be used to determine your maximum financial aid eligibility for the semester (grants, l​o​ans, and workstudy).
  • September 16th​ is the Last day to declare a major for TAP/APTS eligibility Fall 2015
  • Aid for Part-Time Study (APTS) Deadline is October 1st 2015


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