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Payments and Disbursements

Disbursement / Payment of Your Financial Aid

Eligibility and Eligibility Changes

Don't just wait for a disbursement; be sure that you meet all eligibility requirements for the aid you are expecting.

Awards are based initially on financial need. Students must be accepted and enrolled at an eligible status AND MEET ALL OTHER REQUIREMENTS in order to receive their awards.

Documentation, verification, or some sort of clarification may be required before a tentative award can be finalized.

As you add and drop courses, withdraw from courses, stop attending or otherwise change your status, your eligibility for aid may change, too. BE CAREFUL! If you are not sure whether your changes will affect your aid, see a financial aid counselor. The steps you take can affect what is applied to your bill and other obligations, what you may have to repay immediately, and your eligibility for the future.

Note also that issues related to credits completed, credits earned, and GPA can cause cancellation of some of your aid for future semesters.

If you have any questions about your eligibility for aid, talk with a financial aid counselor so you will know how to plan.

Applying Aid Toward Your Tuition and Fees Bill

Most aid (other than work-study) awarded before your bill is due can be applied toward your bill if you are eligible based on your registration status. Although aid applied to the bill does not represent an actual payment, the college will usually accept that estimated aid as a voucher pending payment of that aid. You will owe money later if the anticipated funds are not received by the college.

Bursar's Office bill payment instructions and deadlines carefully. It is important to follow their instructions about partial payment.

If the aid you expect does not appear on your bill, contact your financial aid counselor before the due date and before paying anything yourself to see if any funds can be applied.

Program adjustments and other changes in your registration status can change your eligibility for aid applied to your bill, aid already received, and aid for the future. Before you make any changes, discuss their implications with your financial aid counselor.

If you decide to cancel your registration for any reason, do it officially by following the deadlines and instructions in the Schedule of Classes.

Any aid balance after your tuition bill and other obligations to the college have been paid will be distributed to you to assist you in meeting other educational expenses.

Aid Remaining After Your Tuition and Fees Bill

Because of the low tuition and fees at Queens College, many students have aid remaining after their bill has been paid--to assist them with related educational expenses.

For Academic Year 2009-2010, the automatic Pell book vouchers will be replaced by automatic Pell book advances. Sign up with the Bursar for direct deposit to make this go smoothly. For details, see our page on Pell Book Advances and Pell / Fox Book Vouchers.

Tip for students receiving TAP: Apply early so your TAP estimate can be applied toward your bill, and your initial eligibility can be reviewed and any problems resolved quickly. Depending on the receipt of TAP payments from New York State, refunds based on TAP payments can take time. Summer TAP reimbursements may take over a year, until final payment is made to the college by New York State.

Any Pell grant, SEOG, Direct Loan, or Perkins Loan remaining after tuition and fees and other liabilities to the college will be paid to you during the semester, and will be mailed to your home address on the university's Financial Aid file. Direct Deposit is available for most aid programs other than TAP; information and request/authorization forms are available in the Bursar's Office.

For early filers who also meet all eligibility, documentation and other program requirements early:

Pell Grant and Perkins Loan checks are expected to be disbursed in mid-October and mid-March. SEOG awards are usually paid in mid-September and mid-February. SEEK book money is paid at the start of the fall and spring semesters. Students approved for Direct Loans receive information from the Direct Loan Program about their check dates.

For these programs, students can sign up for direct deposit, and not have to wait for a check to come in the mail.

If you have not received your aid checks or have any questions about your payment, contact your financial aid counselor immediately. If you move, be sure to notify the Financial Aid Office and the Registrar's Office immediately. Financial aid checks have a limited life and must be deposited or cashed immediately. Checks not cashed or deposited are not automatically reissued.

Academic Year 2009-2010: Major Distribution Dates

These dates are for EARLY FILERS who also meet all eligibility and other programs requirements.

There are later pay dates. If your awarded aid doesn't pay when you expect it to, don't wait for the dates below, assuming that your aid will come soon. If you have any questions, ask us.

Pell Grants - 1 payment per semester

Early filers
Fall: 10/15/2009
Spring: 03/17/2010

SEOG - 1 payment per semester

Early filers
Fall: 09/16/2009
Spring: 02/18/2010

SEEK Books - 1 payment per semester

Early filers
Fall: 08/26/2009
Spring: 01/27/2010

Perkins Loans - 1 payment per semester

Early filers / must complete additional documents after awarded
Fall: 10/15/2009
Spring: 03/17/2010

Peter Vallone Scholarships (aka NYC Merit Scholarships/NY City Council Scholarships)

Fall: 11/2009 - TENTATIVE
Spring: 04/2010 - TENTATIVE
Federal Work-Study (FWS)
Work-study students are given timesheets, a
separate pay schedule for 2009-2010 work-study earnings and other payroll information at the time of placement by the coordinator in a work-study position.

Direct Loans (DL): Early filers only

After you have completed all additional documents and loan is approved, the William Ford Direct Loan Program will send you information about YOUR check dates. The following is provided as a guide for early fliers.

First-time DL borrowers who are new freshmen
Fall and spring - first semester is fall:

Fall payment - 9/30/2009
Spring payment - 03/3/2010
Spring only - first semester is spring:
1st half - 2/18/2010
2nd half - 3/31/2010

One-semester-only borrowers who ARE NOT new freshmen
Two payments for the semester. Note that tuition deductions, emergency loans and book vouchers come from the first payment of the semester:

Fall-only loan: First half 09/16/2009, second half 10/28/2009
Spring-only loan: First half 02/18/2010, second half 03/31/2010

Other Direct Loan borrowers
One payment per semester.
Fall: 09/16/2009
Spring: 02/18/2010


 Office Information

Office Hours:
Mondays - Thursdays: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 
Fridays: Closed
Location: 202 Jefferson Hall
Phone: 718-997-5102
Fax: 718-997-5122 

Assistance with the aid process is available in the One Stop Service Center in the Dining Hall. For more on the One Stop, visit

College Codes
FAFSA College Code - 002690
TAP College Code - 1416

  • NEWS
  • ​Spring 2017 - Important Date & Deadlines 
    • The last day to add courses is February 5, 2017. Your registration as of February 5th will be used to determine your maximum financial aid eligibility for the semester (grants, loans and work-study).

    • February 21st, is the last day to declare a major for TAP/APTS eligibility for Spring 2017.

    • March 6th, is the last day to apply for APTS.

    • April 27th, is the last day to apply for a Direct Loan.


  • Fall 2016 - Important Dates & Deadlines
    • Last day to submit a Fall ONLY loan is Monday, December 5, 2016.
    • URGENT Th​e last day to add courses is August 31st, 2016Your registration as of August 31st will be used to determine your maximum financial aid eligibility for the semester (grants, l​o​ans, and work-study).
    • September 14th​ is the Last day to declare a major for TAP/APTS eligibility for Fall 2016​
    • October 1st is the last day to apply for APTS.



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 Applying for Financial Aid


 Useful Telephone Numbers


FAFSA Application Status 1-800-433-3243

FAFSA Technical Assistance 1-800-433-3243
NYS TAP Processing/Status 1-888-697-4372
Direct Loan Inquiries 1-800-848-0979
Selective Service 1-847-688-6888
Internal Revenue Service 1-800-829-1040
TuitionPay Payment Plan 1-800-635-0120


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