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Winter Session for 2018

Running from January 2–23, Winter Session offers over 70 undergraduate and graduate courses from a variety of disciplines. Online and hybrid classes give you extra flexibility in scheduling your classes.

You may register for Winter Session now through January 2, 2018. (Campus is closed on January 1st).
Winter Session is open to all current QC students as well as to visiting students.


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"Mode of Instruction" Codes
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  • O = Online
  • PO = Partially on-line
  • W = Web-Enhanced

Program:   Year:   Term:   Session:   Days:   Start Time:   End Time:   
Mode of Instruction:
  Subject:   Instructor:    
ProgramYearTermSessionDaysStart TimeEnd TimeModeSubjectCourse TitleCourse #Class #DescriptionBldgRoomInstructor
UGRD201802WINM, T, W, TH, F8:00 AM11:13 AMPACCTBusiness Law l26126663Introduction to the law. Seeks to provide majors and nonmajors with an understanding of the law and the social forces that shape it. The basic structure through which law is implemented and enforced is reviewed, in addition to the specific rules of law relating to contracts, trusts, and estates. Fall, Spring (SS)PH204MINTZ, SEYMOUR
UGRD201802WINM, T, W, TH, F12:00 PM4:20 PMPACCTAuditing 132126665Principles and standards relevant to the attestation function in the practice of professional accountancy including audits, examinations, reviews and agreed-upon procedures. Coverage also includes professional ethics, liability, risk and assurance, evidence, introduction to internal control and reporting. This course provides exposure to the techniques of modern auditing, including the flowcharting, analysis, and understanding of accounting cycles and their related control systems, analytical review of financial statements, analytical tests of accounting estimates, and statistical sampling for tests of transactions and accounts.PH204MINTZ, SEYMOUR
UGRD201802WINS, SU8:00 AM3:30 PMOACCTAccounting Information Systems34126667This course focuses on methods and techniques for the analysis and evaluation of the design of accounting information systems, including computer-based systems. Topics covered will include an introduction to accounting systems theory, analysis of accounting systems, including documentation and design theory, accounting file structure, hardware/ software selection and impact on accounting systems, system life cycle, including accounting controls, and systems implementation and maintenance from the auditor's standpoint. This course will require some use of computer resources.PH119QURESHI, ANIQUE
UGRD201802WINM, T, W, TH, F6:00 PM9:55 PMPACSKLFundamentals Of Math100344268Basic arithmetic and elementary algebra in preparation for the CUNY Assessment Test in Mathematics. Includes video-based instruction, work in the Mathematics Laboratory, and tutoring.KY318ERLBAUM, SHARON
UGRD201802WINM, T, W, TH, F1:00 PM4:13 PMWANTHIntro To Cultural Anthropology1012104This course introduces students to the range of human cultural diversity through an exploration of the variety of societies and cultures of the world. The course also familiarizes students with the methods and theories that anthropologists use to describe, analyze and explain cultural systems.KY250LEVIN, IRINA
UGRD201802WINM, T, W, TH, F1:00 PM4:13 PMWANTHIntro Human Evol1022103A survey of the basic principles of: evolution and genetics, biological variation in living human populations, a comparison of humans and other primates, and the fossil evidence of human evolution.PH119PAGANO, ANTHONY
UGRD201802WINM, T, W, TH, F9:30 AM12:43 PMWANTHIntro To Archaeology1032105This lecture course traces the major developments in human history and illustrates the methods archaeologists use to study the past. The origins of cultural behavior, the invention of agriculture and its consequences, and the development of civilization are examined.KY250FEELEY, FRANCIS
UGRD201802WIN   PANTHVt:Topics Biol Anth27965047Topics will be announced. Course may be repeated provided the topic is different.  SWEDELL, LARISSA
UGRD201802WINM, T, W, TH, F9:00 AM12:50 PMPARTSDrawing 11512140A hands-on studio course which introduces a visual vocabulary by working from nature through observation and imagination, including the human figure. A variety of drawing materials will be used. This course has an M&T Fee. For more info visit:, CHRISTOPHER
UGRD201802WINM, T, W, TH, F9:00 AM12:50 PMPARTSDigital Imagemaking1652139Introduction to digital imagemaking. Emphasis is on the creative aspects of using a digital still camera such as subject matter, point of view, natural and artificial light, etc., using a DSLR or other digital equipment and basic image processing software. This course has an M&T Fee. For more info visit:, LAURA
UGRD201802WINM, T, W, TH, F9:00 AM12:50 PMPARTSBasic Software for Design1912134An introduction to the fundamentals of prevailing software applications used in design; such as InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.Students work with multiple software applications to create projects that communicate through a variety of forms both digital and in print. This class prepares students with the necessary software skills required for ARTS 241 and 242. This course has an M&T Fee. For more info visit:, CATHERINE
UGRD201802WINM, T, W, TH, F1:00 PM4:50 PMPARTSVT: Intro to Digital Animation1932138Introduction to digital animation using an industry-standard program such as Flash or Toom Boom Studio. Topic will be announced before registration..IB212LEOPOLD, REBECCA
UGRD201802WINM, T, W, TH, F9:00 AM12:50 PMPARTSDigital Imagemaking 22252143In addition to the prerequisite, additional experience with digital tonal- and color-correction techniques (ARTS 205 or equivalent) is recommended. Required equipment will be announced before pre-registration. This course has an M&T Fee. For more info visit:, LAURA
UGRD201802WINM, T, W, TH, F9:00 AM12:50 PMPARTSSpec Proj Drawing2542142May be repeated for a maximum of six credits with permission of the department. Special Projects courses are designed for students who want more intensive work in any studio discipline, or to strengthen or advance their basic skills in drawing.KP483ESPOSITO, CHRISTOPHER
UGRD201802WINM, T, W, TH, F9:00 AM12:50 PMPARTSDesign III34558156A continuation of ARTS 246 with assignments of larger scope and executed across a variety of media A focus on the development of the designer"s personal style and working methods, and of specific audiences, commercial contexts, and production issues. This course has an M&T Fee. For more info visit:, DAVID
GRAD201802WINM, T, W, TH, F9:00 AM12:50 PMPARTSSpecial Projects in Fine Arts62132141May be repeated for credit if the project is different.KP483ESPOSITO, CHRISTOPHER
UGRD201802WINM, T, W, TH1:00 PM4:18 PMWASTRGeneral Astronomy11962General concepts of astronomy, planet and solar system formation, lives and deaths of stars, and observational cosmology including the Big Bang Model. Not open to students who have passed ASTR 2.SBC203KOSTOPOULOS, IOANNIS
UGRD201802WINM, T, W, TH, F9:10 AM12:00 PMPBIOLWriting Sci - Life Sci Themes1366381BIOL 13 fulfills the College Writing 2 requirement and builds on the work of English 110 (College Writing 1), in order to teach the conventions of writing in the discipline of science. It is discipline-based writing seminar that provides students with the opportunity to hone their writing skills within a field of scientific inquiry. Because lucid writing is essential to communicating science, students will work on the clear expression of ideas within different genres of scientific literature, adapted for different audiences. In developing the science writer's craft, students will also gain techniques applicable to other academic disciplines since writing skills have a universal application.SBA143MUEHLBAUER, ESTHER
UGRD201802WINM, T, W, TH, F12:25 PM3:15 PMPBIOLVt:Special Topics II38650535One area of current interest will be studied in depth each semester. Course may be repeated for credit when subject changes.SBD335BAKER, MITCHELL
UGRD201802WINM, T, W, TH, F12:25 PM3:15 PMPBIOLVt:Special Topics II38650535One area of current interest will be studied in depth each semester. Course may be repeated for credit when subject changes.SBD341BAKER, MITCHELL
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