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In tandem with our new website, Queens College has launched its intranet, MyQC. Designed exclusively for faculty, staff, and students, MyQC is a password-protected website intended for sharing internal information and communications.  Blackboard, a CUNY program, will operate the way it always did and is accessible at

MyQC is a work in progress.  Over time, we expect that offices and departments will use MyQC exclusively for internal communications. We will keep you apprised of new MyQC developments as they become available.

Additionally, each member of the QC community has the opportunity to create a personal web site, through MySite.

Student Login
If you are a QC student, your QC Username is instr\ followed by your first initial and your last name, and then a 3-digit number.

Student Login

Staff Login
If you are a member of QC staff or faculty, your QC Username is qc\ followed by your first initial and your last name.

Staff Login

Your password is the same password you adopted for your QC Username account. (If you do not have an QC Username account, sign up for one at