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Industry Specialized Training (IST)

  • Business & Technology Training
  • CompTIA
  • Internet Webmaster
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Project Management

  • CompTIA

    A+ Essentials

    Textbook: CompTIA A+ Complete Study Guide - ISBN-13: 978-0470486498
    a. Personal Computer System Components
    b. Storage Devices, Power Supplies, and Adapters
    c. Understanding Display Devices
    d. Understanding Laptops and Portable Devices
    e. Installing and Configuring Printers
    f. Operating System Features and Interfaces
    g. Installing and Configuring Operating Systems
    h. Troubleshooting Theory and Preventive
    i. Troubleshooting Operating Systems, Hardware, Printers, and Laptops
    36 hours
    $2,100 • 3 credits

    A+ Practical Applications

    Textbook: CompTIA A+ Complete Study Guide - ISBN-13: 978-0470486498
    a. Understanding Networking
    b. Understanding Network Security Fundamentals
    c. Understanding Operational Procedures
    d. Installing, Maintaining, and Troubleshooting Hardware
    e. Installing, Configuring, and Troubleshooting Laptops
    f. Resolving Printer Problems
    g. Operating System Structures and Commands
    h. Operating System Utilities and Troubleshooting Issues
    i. Installing and Troubleshooting Networks
    j. System Security
    36 hours
    $2,100 • 3 credits


    Textbook: CompTIA Network+ Study Guide - ISBN-13: 978-1118137550
    a. Introduction to Networks 1
    b. The Open Systems Interconnection Specifications
    c. Networking Topologies, Connectors, and Wiring Standards
    d. The Current Ethernet Specifications
    e. Networking Devices
    f. Introduction to Internet Protocol (IP)
    g. IP Addressing
    h. IP Subnetting, Troubleshooting IP, and Introduction to NAT
    i. Introduction to IP Routing
    j. Routing Protocols
    k. Switching and Virtual LANs (VLANs)
    l. Wireless Technologies
    m. Authentication and Access Control
    n. Network Threats and Mitigation
    o. Physical and Hardware Security
    p. Wide Area Networks
    q. Command-Line Tools
    r. Software and Hardware Tools
    s. Network Troubleshooting
    t. Management, Monitoring, and Optimization
    36 hours
    $2,100 • 3 credits


    Textbook: CompTIA Server+ Certification - ISBN-13: 978-1426019050
    a. Deploying the Chassis
    b. Selecting CPUs and Motherboards
    c. Managing the BIOS
    d. Selecting Memory
    e. Troubleshooting Methodology
    f. Installing Expansion Cards
    g. Installing Data Storage Devices
    h. Installing a Network Operating System
    i. Networking
    j. Managing a Network Server
    k. Documenting and Planning
    l. Preparing for Disaster
    36 hours
    $2,100 • 3 credits


    Textbook: CompTIA Security+ Study Guide - ISBN-13: 978-1118014738
    a. General Security Concepts
    b. Identifying Potential Risks
    c. Infrastructure and Connectivity
    d. Monitoring Activity and Intrusion Detection
    e. Implementing and Maintaining a Secure Network
    f. Securing the Network and Environment
    g. Cryptography Basics, Methods, and Standards
    h. Security Policies and Procedures
    i. Security Administration
    36 hours
    $2,100 • 3 credits

    CompTIA Cloud Essentials

    Textbook: CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification Study Guide - ISBN-13: 978-0071800433
    a. Characteristics of Cloud Services from a Business Perspective
    b. Cloud Computing and Business Value
    c. Technical Perspectives/Cloud Types
    d. Steps to Successful Adoption of Cloud
    e. Impact and Changes of Cloud Computing on IT Service Management
    f. Risks and Consequences of Cloud Computing
    36 hours
    $2,100 • 3 credits

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