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Fall 2012

Workshop Name Code Begin/End No Class Cost*


9-10:30 am Computers From the Ground Up LLI-110




10:45 am-12:15 pm Introduction to the Internet LLI-111




10 am-3 pm LLI Lounge Open





12:45-2:15 pm Novels Into Film





2:30-4 pm Hitchock's Women Part 2






10:45 am - 12:15 pm Our Hidden Treasures





10 am-3 pm LLI Lounge Open





12:45-2:15 pm The Literary League





2:30-4 pm Politics & Political PArties In America






9 am - 10:30 pm Introduction to Ballet Fitness





10:45 am-12:15 pm 20th Century Concert Dance





10 am-3 pm LLI Lounge Open





12:45-2:15 pm Golden Age of Television Drama LLI-160




2:30-4 pm Making Movies with a Pro





6:30-8 pm How to Excel using Excel






9 -10:30 am Walking Dublin with James Joyce





10:45 am-12:15 pm Leonard Bernstein: A Musical Legacy





10 am-3 pm LLI Lounge Open




12:45-2:15 pm The Power of the Memoir





2:30-4 pm Gotta Dance! The Hollywood Musical





LLI-110, Section MO11 - New End Date  
Computers From The Ground Up

Welcome to the 21st century, where everything is computerized. With processor this and digital that, you wonder what it all means. Well, wonder no more. This workshop will demystify the “magic box” we call the computer and explore how to use a computer to run different applications, discovering how simple the computer really is.
Monday, 9–10:30am
October 1–November 26 (No class on 10/8)
$160* ● 7 Sessions ● Winfield Eng


LLI-111, Section MO11 - New End Date ​
Intro to the Internet

Recommended Prerequisite: Computers From The Ground Up
Do you feel like you’re on the ramp of the information highway, looking for an opening to get on?
Then get ready to hit the gas pedal. This workshop is a “get your hands dirty with the internet” experience. Learn how to e-mail, shop, research, and look at entertainment through the internet. Also, learn how to make your presence known through social media.
Monday, 10:45am–12:15pm
October 1–November 26 (No class on 10/8)
$ 160* ● 7 Sessions ● Winfield Eng


LLI-122, Section MO11 - Course Cancellation
Novels Into Film
We will read four novels together, discussing the elements of fiction (character, setting, plot, point of view, and theme) and deconstructing interpretations. Following each novel, we will view the film derived from the novel, paying attention to the various elements of film-making (camera techniques, lighting, special effects, sound, acting, and mise-en-scene) and the means by which the director and others (actors, cinematographer, art director, and editor) have interpreted the novel. We will be looking at the following novels and films: Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens (The 1946 David Lean film); The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald (the 1949 Elliot Nugent and 2012 Baz Luhrman adaptations); The Decendants, by Kaui Hart Hemmings (the 2012 Alexander Payne adaptation); and The Woman In Black, by Susan Hill (the 2012 James Watkins film adaptation).
Monday, 12:45–2:15pm
October 15–November 26 (No class on 10/8)
$160* ● 7 Sessions ● TBA


LLI-155, Section MO11 - Course Cancelled
Hitchcock’s Women Part II: Spellbound by Beauty

In this workshop we will look at some important Hitchcock films, starting with his work in England during the silent era, when his fascination with the “cool blonde” heroine began, and trace the development of women in his films through the late Hollywood masterpieces. Does Hitchcock portray women sympathetically? Does he acknowledge their place and the place of men in the patriarchal system that governs our societal interactions? What do Hitchcock’s women tell us about the times and culture in which the films were made? In answering these questions, we’ll take a hard look at the films themselves and at the cinematic methods Hitchcock uses both to position our responses, and to dramatize issues of gender and sexuality that will resonate in our world today.
Monday, 2:30–4pm
October 15–November 26 (No class on 10/8)
$160* ● 7 Sessions ● TBA


LLI-147, Section TU11 - New End Date 
Our Hidden Treasures: Writing Personal Narratives
Woven into the threads of our lives are great memories and stories! This workshop is designed to tap into your creative writing skills and explore the craft of the memoir with emphasis on developing the use of figurative language. We will examine essays as well as share our own personal histories through a series of writing exercises.
Tuesday, 10:45am–12:15pm
October 2–November 20
$160* ● 7 Sessions ● Michele Bisom


LLI-156, Section TU11 - Course Cancelled
The Literary League

An exciting new offering…you too, can become a literary critic. This workshop is designed to explore elements of the short story and novel. Participants will discuss plot, characterization, and the element of style in selected readings.
Tuesday, 12:45–2:15pm
October 2–November 13
$160* ● 7 Sessions ● Michelle Bisom


LLI-157, Section TU11 - New End Date
Politics & Political Parties in America
In this workshop we will discuss the inception of political parties in American from the Jefferson administration through Lincoln. We will also examine the upcoming 2012 presidential election.
Tuesday, 2:30–4pm
October 2–November 20
$160* ● 7 Sessions ● Dr. Leonard Gappelberg


LLI-158, Section WE11 - Course Cancellation
Introduction to Ballet Fitness

This workshop begins with a cardiovascular warm-up using basic gross motor and balletic “across the floor” movements. We will practice yoga-like floor stretches for flexibility and abdominal (core) strengthening as well as focus on ballet-center work for balance and strengthening. Additionally, participants will examine various elements of choreography and create their own dance pieces and discuss health and wellness issues pertaining to dance.
Wednesday, 9–10:30am
October 10–November 28
$160* ● 7 Sessions ● Joan Kavadlo  


LLI-159, Section WE11 - Course Cancellation
20th Century Concert Dance: An Historical Overview

In this workshop we will focus on several noteworthy 20th Century dance choreographers in ballet and modern dance. We will discuss their accomplishments and philosophies and examine samples of their work along with movement and dance analysis. Choreographers will include George Balanchine, Jerome Robbin, Martha Graham, Paul Taylor, Jose Limon, and Alvin Alley. We will also discuss concert dance in modern dance today and how it continues to evolve and change with each passing generation.
Wednesday, 10:45am–12:15pm
October 10–November 28
$160* ● 7 Sessions ● Joan Kavadlo


LLI-160, Section WE11 ​- New End Date
Golden Age of Television Drama

Charlton Heston once commented that as a young actor, he, along with other young actors, directors, and writers, developed a new art form when they worked in the era of live television drama. In this workshop we will view and discuss classic television dramas which were performed on national television where anything could happen -- and did. We will focus on such plays as Paddy Cheyevsky’s Marty, Rod Serling’s Patterns, Requiem for a Heavyweight and The Comedian, J.P. Miller’s Days of Wine and Roses, and Budd Schulberg’s What Makes Sammy Run? Before making the transition to feature films in Hollywood, many of these plays were broadcast live on such series as Playhouse 90 and Studio One with young directors such as Franklin Schaffner and John Frankenheimer getting their start on television.
Wednesday, 12:45–2:15pm
October 3–December 5
$160* ● 7 Sessions ● Philip Harwood


LLI-161, Section WE11 - New Start & End Date
Making Movies with a Pro

Join us as an award-winning filmmaker will guide you through the entire process of creating and bringing a film from concept to the screen. He will show you how to write a good story, turn it into a screenplay, develop a storyboard, cast the actors, shoot the film, choose the music, and edit the project. At the end of the workshop each participant will receive a DVD of the completed film.
Wednesday, 2:30–4:00pm
October 10 – December 12
$160* ● 7 Sessions ● Carlo Mignano


LLI-153, Section WE21 - Course Cancellation
How to Excel Using Excel

Recommended Prerequisite: Excel In A Nutshell or a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
You have discovered that creating an Excel spreadsheet is not as bad as it sounds. Take things to the next level and learn how to create elegant spreadsheet solutions through charts, graphs, and other more advanced features. This workshop will explore how to design a worksheet to be presentational and practical. A USB flash drive is required.
Wednesday, 6:30–8pm
October 10–November 28
$160* ● 7 Sessions ● Winfield Eng


LLI-162, Section TH11 - Course Cancellation
Walking Dublin with James Joyce

Together, we will read James Joyce’s Dubliners, and find no plainer English, humanity, humor, or genius as Joyce sets out to paint a vivid picture of Dublin. The workshop concludes with a viewing and discussion of John Huston’s The Dead, the last story in Dubliners, and possibly the finest story in the English language. Students will need to purchase a copy of Dubliners from the bookstore or on-line.
Thursday, 9–10:30am
October 11–November 29
$160* ● 7 Sessions ● Brother Edward Kent   


LLI-163, Section TH11 - New End Date
Leonard Bernstein: A Musical Legacy

Leonard Bernstein was a man for all seasons: conductor, pianist, composer, teacher, and writer. He left a legacy of music, recordings, and written works and filmed many of his musical lessons and concerts. In this workshop we will examine his legacy and hear many of his recordings including those of Beethoven, Mahler, Shostakovich, and Copland. We will also examine Bernstein as a media figure on television and on video. Finally, we will focus on Bernstein the composer of both symphonic and theatrical works.
Thursday, 10:45am–12:15pm
October 4– December 13
$160* ● 7 Sessions ● Philip Harwood


LLI-164, Section TH11 - New Start & End Date
The Power of the Memoir
Personal memoirs provide powerful insights into the world as we know it. We will examine excerpts from the writings of 20th and 21st century writers, both famous and not, to better understand the events that have shaped our world and our world view. The scope of the selections will all be directly related to the American Jewish world and to Israel. Authors will include, but not be limited to, Ariel Sabar, Lucette Lagnado, Amos Oz, Haim Watzman, and Madeline Albright.
Thursday, 12:45–2:15pm
October 11– December 20
$160* ● 7 Sessions ● Karen Feit


LLI-165, Section TH11 - New End Date
Gotta Dance! The Hollywood Musical

From the earliest films of Edison and Melies, dance has always been a part of film. However, with the advent of the Hollywood musical, dance became an essential ingredient. In this workshop we will look at individuals who contributed to the Golden Age of Hollywood musical dance including Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly, Busby Berkeley, Eleanor Powell, Michael Kidd, Ann Miller, and Bob Fosse.
Thursday, 2:30–4:00pm
October 4–December 13
$160* ● 7 Sessions ● Philip Harwood


*LLI members may enroll in up to three (3) workshops as part of their membership fee.
Non-members may enroll in individual workshops at a cost of $160 each.
No workshops scheduled October 8

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